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Top 5 Kona Helicopter Tours Beach View

Top 5 Kona Helicopter Tours

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Best Kona Helicopter Tours

As one of the top vacation destinations globally, countless activities on the Big Island claim to be “must-dos.” And while it’s true, beach days and luaus are must-dos as part of the quintessential Hawaiian experience, no activity comes close to the magic of a Kona helicopter tour above the Big Island.

best Kona helicopter tours

When you look at the Big Island on Google Maps, you can see the island’s dramatic change in climate, from the blanket of green rainforest covering the island’s Hamakua coast to the arid deserts that reach up to the towering peaks of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. However, while the difference in climate is easily discernible on the drive from Kona to Hilo, nothing shows the extent to how different each corner of the island is more than via helicopter.  Here are our picks for the top Kona helicopter tours.


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Top 5 Kauai Helicopter Tours Front Emerald Coastline

Top 5 Kauai Helicopter Tours

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Best Kauai Helicopter Tours

Home to plunging canyons, isolated coasts, and precipitous sea cliffs, visitors only scratch the surface of all that Kauai has to offer when exploring by car or on foot. A large portion of Kauai’s beauty exists behind the veil of rugged terrain and inaccessible areas. From the gaping Waimea Canyon to the lush peaks of Mount Waiʻaleʻale, the only way to explore the interior of the northernmost main Hawaiian Island is from the seat of a helicopter.

best Kauai helicopter tours

Fortunately, there are many safe and reliable helicopter companies to bring you face to face with Kauai’s hidden beauty.  Here are the top 5 Kauai Helicopter Tours:

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Maui helicopter tours

Top 5 Maui Helicopter Tours

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Top 5 Maui Helicopter Tours

Maui is arguably the best island for helicopter tours because the Valley Isle simply has it all. Every corner of Maui reveals something entirely different from the rest, from the Mars-like desert at Haleakala Crater to the curtain of waterfalls deep within the West Maui Mountains. With vast swathes of impassible, isolated terrain, a helicopter tour is the only way to get a taste of what Maui is really all about.

best Maui helicopter Tours

  • Complete Island Maui – Full Island Tour
  • Hana & Haleakala – Biggest Attractions
  • Maui Spectacular – Upcountry Landing
  • Waterfalls of West Maui & Molokai – Molokai Exploration
  • Private Helicopter Charter – Fully Customizable

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Top 5 Oahu Helicopter Tours Sights

Top 5 Oahu Helicopter Tours

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Top 5 Oahu Helicopter Tours

When you think of towering waterfalls, lush mountain ranges, and miles of white-sand beaches, the island of Oahu might not be the first place that comes to mind. While islands like Maui and Kauai are known for their lushness, on Oahu, Waikiki’s cosmopolitan streets garner most of the attention. However, Waikiki only takes up a fraction of space on Oahu. Beyond the city, the island is home to craggy sea cliffs, verdant mountains, miles of beaches, and the occasional 1,000+ foot waterfall (no biggie). Yet, the blend of both manmade and natural beauty are what makes Oahu helicopter tours so appealing. On a single trip, you can peer down into the metropolitan heartbeat of the island, and mere minutes later, find yourself deep within a narrow valley.

Top Oahu Helicopter Tours

There is a good reason why these tours are praised as a must-do. But don’t take it from us, take to the skies yourself, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.  Here are our top 5 picks for the best helicopter tours on Oahu:

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Top Oahu Activities Waikiki Skyline

Top 10 Things To Do On Oahu

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Oahu is the crown jewel of the Pacific, home to a bustling urban city, vast swathes of verdant countryside, some of the best waves and beaches on planet earth, as well as endless shopping and dining opportunities.

Things to do in Oahu

There are countless Oahu activities to enjoy. From the lively, resort-lined streets of Waikiki to flourishing countryside taro farms, Oahu is firmly planted in the ways of both old and new Hawaii and offers a myriad of experiences for travelers from near and far. Foodies, beach bums, shopaholics, nature lovers, and history buffs will easily find their step on the third largest Hawaiian Island.

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Big Island Manta Ray

Top 5 Kona Manta Ray Tours

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Best Kona Manta Ray Tours

The seas around Hawaii are typically known for their abundance of dolphins, sea turtles, and whales. However, another creature is so intriguing that it compels our land-dwelling species to slip into the ocean after dark. That creature? Manta Rays. Manta rays can grow to colossal sizes, and unlike their stingray cousins, manta rays don’t have barbs or stingers on their tails. Harmless and graceful, manta rays can be found in excess off the coast of Kona. In fact, Kona is the only place in Hawaii that hosts manta ray tours.


Swimming with manta rays in Hawaii is obviously amazing, but narrowing down which tour company to go with can be difficult. We have made it easy for you by sharing our favorite manta ray tour companies on the Big Island. Here are our top five picks:

Kona Manta Ray Tour

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