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How do I change my booking?

–          In order to change your booking please contact the tour provider directly. The contact info will be located on your confirmation email.


How do I cancel/refund my purchase or reschedule my activity date?

–          To cancel a reservation, get a refund or change the date, you’ll need to contact the tour provider directly. The tour providers info will be located on your confirmation email. If they say that we have your money and/or can change dates, ask for their supervisor.  They may be new.


But, I just called the tour provider directly, and they said to contact you.  They say you have the money.  What do I do?

–          On occasion, the tour provider will hire new people to answer phones and emails.  These people aren’t always aware of how our system works.  We’re pretty unique in that we don’t take your money; the tour provider is actually taking your money when you book with us!  So, sometimes it requires our educating new customer service reps at the tour provider company.  If they tell you to come back to us for a refund or date change, please take down their name, and let us know.  We’ll get in touch with them and straighten it out.


I didn’t receive a confirmation email?

–          Please check your spam email folder.  Sometimes your email will throw it in spam.  If you still don’t have it, you can shoot us an email at the address below.

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