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In today’s modern world, rarely is there a place where old and new can coexist so harmoniously. In Hawaii, that place is Oʻahu. The bustling city of Honolulu is peppered with historical landmarks, from the grand Iolani Palace to the somber memorial at Pearl Harbor. On its shores, you’re just as likely to find fishermen throwing nets as you are to see visitors learning how to surf. Yet, somehow, both the laid-back nature of the islands and their traditions have continued to thrive in one of the Pacific’s most metropolitan, populated areas.

The island’s blend of natural splendors and modern amenities is likely the culprit behind Oʻahu’s immense popularity. Dubbed the “gathering isle,” Oʻahu sees the likes of six million annual visitors and is home to one million residents. However, while most visitors are lured by Waikiki’s palatial resorts, turquoise waters, and bounty of shopping and dining, Oahu is home to so much more.

Each corner of the island reveals something new. The South Shore, called “town” by local residents, encompasses the urban areas of Downtown Honolulu and Waikiki. Here you’ll find the best opportunities for shopping, and foodies will marvel at the number of hole-in-the-wall local eateries. Oʻahu is a bona fide melting pot, and there is no greater evidence of this diversity than through the island’s fares.

Head over to the North Shore, where surfing is central to the way of life. From Haleiwa to Kahuku, the laid-back nature of the North Shore is what Hawaiian dreams are made of. The North Shore is Oʻahu’s focal point for adrenaline junkies, home to skydiving, shark diving, and some of the biggest surf on the planet. Rounding the northern corner of Oʻahu reveals the windward side, rich with tranquil lagoons, breathtaking mountain ranges, and powdery white sand beaches.

One thing is sure: on Oʻahu, there is something for everyone. Whether you enjoy earthly pleasures or man-made delights, Hawaii’s third-largest island truly has it all. It’s just a matter of hitting the road and discovering your favorite nook of paradise.

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