Mauna Kea Stargazing and Summit Tour

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Journey to the top of one of the tallest peaks in the world: the summit of Mauna Kea. This tour traverses the 4×4 roads to the 13,800-foot summit to catch a spectacular sunset. As the sun begins to sink, you’ll be presented with one of the best stargazing experiences on earth. Gaze into the heavens through a professional-grade telescope, and you’ll understand why Mauna Kea is celebrated by astronomers across the globe.


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The TourMauna Kea Night Sky

This 7-8 hour tour departs Kona before climbing to the highest peak in Hawaii for a spectacular sunset. Settle in for a ride up Mauna Kea’s 4×4 access road in a custom-built off-road motor coach and explore the Mars-like, 13,800 ft summit. Weather permitting, guests will be rewarded with views of Mauna Loa, Haleakala on Maui, and both coasts of the Big Island. As the sun begins to sink, you’ll traverse back down to a more suitable elevation of 9,000 feet for a stargazing experience like no other.


Mauna Kea Stargazing & Volunteer Tour

This is the same great tour but with an added opportunity to give back to Hawaii by putting in some conservation work at the Waikoloa Dry Forest for endangered Hawaii species.

What You’ll Learn

The early Hawaiians were expert navigators and relied on the stars to point them in the right direction. This tour highlights the incredible navigation techniques used by Polynesian voyagers. Guests will also learn about the early travelers through these towering mountains and the deeply sacred Mauna Kea.

What’s Included

In addition to a private star show and the opportunity to peer into the heavens through an 11 ” Celestron telescope, transportation from Kona and Waikoloa to Mauna Kea is included. Guests are also provided with a hot picnic dinner, dessert, hot tea, and hot chocolate. Gloves and parkas are included as well.

What to Bring

The average temperature of the upper reaches of Mauna Kea sits at a crisp 32 degrees. Wear warm gear: long pants, socks, sweatshirts. Closed toed shoes are also recommended as this tour includes light walking over rocky, uneven terrain. Don’t forget water in a reusable bottle as well!



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Kona • Waikoloa • Waimea


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2 reviews for Mauna Kea Stargazing and Summit Tour

  1. John P

    It’d get 5 stars if it hadn’t been sold out every day of our trip except 1. Beautiful experience in nature

  2. Darren Shelby

    Our Universe has always fascinated me, and at my home in LA, it’s pretty rare to see stars thanks to light from the neighborhood and probably just bad air. This was beyond eye-opening for me to see the sky unencumbered and at such elevation! Even without the moon, the sky was bright from the endless stars and planets we saw. Yes, highly recommended and we will join you again when back in Hawaii.

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