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Explore the upper slopes of Hualalai in Kona, one of the five volcanoes on the Big Island. This tour has gained special access to a trail located on private land behind three locked gates. This 3-4 mile trail travels through volcanic landscapes littered with craters, fissures, and cinder cones, and travels through a mystical native forest. Along the way, a trained forest guide will detail the volcanic history of the area, and be quick to point out an array of native species you will encounter. The hike concludes with a descent into a large lava tube.


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Kona Volcano Lava TubeThe Location

Towering above Kona at around 8,000 feet, Hualalai is the third tallest volcano on the Big Island. This tour takes guests on an exclusive journey along the slopes of this volcanic region, through an area that is not accessible to the general public that sits behind three locked gates. This tour is one of the only ways for members of the public to explore the slopes of Hualalai!

The Hike

This moderate, 3-4 mile hike travels through a native forest to the upper reaches of Hualalai. The trail is dotted with deep craters that once spewed molten lava, as well as other volcanic features like fissures, cinder cones, and lava tubes. Guests will have the opportunity to peer into dizzyingly sheer craters and take in the vistas of the Kona coastline spread out before them. The hike comes to a close with a descent into a lava tube.

What’s Included

In addition to access onto private land, this tour includes transportation from the tour center to the trailhead, as well as walking sticks, warm wear, and day packs. This tour offers a unique look at the unique geology and volcanology of the area, as well as a peek into the native flora and fauna of this region via a passionate tour guide.




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2 reviews for Kona Volcano Tour – Hualalai Hiking Tour

  1. Jerry M.

    For anyone that needs a good hike without worrying where to go, this is perfect! I felt pretty sedentary at the hotel pool and beach. I needed this, and it was better than I expected because of the views and nature. Thank you and we will be back.

  2. TB

    A wonderful experience!

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