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Sail above the canopy on this top-rated Kauai zipline tour. Located in Koloa, this eight-line course features three of the longest ziplines on Kauai, including a half-mile line that soars across the Waita Reservoir. Show off your best freestyle tricks as you skim the treetops and speed through lush jungles. Amid the fun, you’ll experience genuine Kauaian hospitality from your guides, who readily dispense jokes and fun facts about the island. Discover why this 3.5-hour excursion is the best zipline tour on Kauai!


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This Kauai zipline course features eight thrilling lines, including three of the longest ziplines on Kauai! The first line is a mellow warm-up, measuring a mere 240 feet. But the lines only get bigger, better, and faster from there. You’ll get a feel for speed on the second zip, which clocks in at 1,100 feet. By the third, you’ll be a bonafide professional, ready to attempt upside-down rides and other fun tricks. The course culminates with a surge of excitement— and a whole lotta speed— on the longest zipline in Kauai, measuring a half mile.


Nestled between lush mountains, the sparkling Pacific Ocean, and the waters of the Waita Reservoir, this Kauai zipline boasts some of the best panoramas on the island. Take in unique views of the forest as you zip through corridors of towering Albizia trees or skim above the canopy. The last line takes you directly over the Waita Reservoir, presenting a perspective like no other. While the views from the ziplines are second-to-none, the scenes from the zipline take-off platforms are arguably even better. You’ll soak in vistas of Koloa’s unspoiled greenery, lush mountains, and vast reservoir.


This Kauai zipline tour utilizes custom “Flyin’ Kaua’iian” harnesses. These full-body harnesses are some of the most versatile in the industry. That means the possibilities for spins, tricks, and aerobatics are virtually endless. Whether you go upside down, backward, Superman style, or hands-free, the choice is yours! The ziplines are also outfitted with custom pulleys, which allow you to comfortably stabilize yourself during the zip— if spins and tricks aren’t your thing.


Despite all the fun, safety doesn’t take a backseat at this zipline course. All guests are provided helmets and outfitted with safe and secure harnesses. Before you take flight, you’ll get comfortable with tricks and safety methods at the “ground school.” Kids must be at least seven years old to participate, and lighter children can go “piggyback” with an accompanying adult. Thanks to the custom harnesses, this is the only zipline company on Kauai that allows “piggyback” zippers!



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