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It’s well known that Maui’s hiking trails offer some of the most gorgeous views of Hawaii. Whether you’ve always wanted to hike along lush trails to remote rainforest locations or in the otherworldly crater of the world’s largest dormant volcano. Guests will have a memorable experience alongside an experienced Maui trail guide. All hikes are considered easy to moderate levels and vary by area of the island and length of time. Take the stress out of worrying about getting lost or which hiking trail is best for you and your travel group, and let a Maui local lead the way!



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Hiking Options

With so many amazing landscapes and microclimates, Maui offers an abundance of awe-worthy hiking trails. Guests will have the opportunity to experience some of the best Valley Isle hikes available, including those ranging from cascading waterfall locations to the moon-like surfaces of Upper West Maui. Tours include necessary hiking gear, but be sure to wear appropriate footwear along with a swimsuit and bring plenty of sunscreen! Learn more about Maui’s plant life and terrain, all while being treated to epic views and assistance from a friendly, helpful guide.

Jungle Waterfall Hike – The most popular option, this hike takes guests along the Road to Hana to see waterfalls, swim and jump into large freshwater pools, climb volcanic shelves, and see gorgeous views of Maui’s valleys and bamboo forest trails along the Hana Highway. 4-5 Hours.

Waterfall Hike & Harvest – Similar to the Jungle Waterfall Hike, but with the addition of visiting a local farm to taste their products, learn about the land, and even participate in planting or harvesting. 4 Hours.

Makai Ropes Hike – Descend down ropes to saltwater pools and a sea cave along the coast. 4 Hours.

West Maui Loop – Visit the picturesque blowhole, otherworldly swimming holes, and jungle hikes along the west side of Maui. 6-7 Hours.

Full-Day Road to Hana – Visit the many waterfalls along this famous road as well as bamboo forest, historic villages, and incredible beaches. 8-9 hours.

Half Way to Hana – Experience the Road to Hana while leaving room in your day for other fun. You’ll still see waterfalls, and bamboo forests, and visit historic villages in around 1/2 the time. 6-7 Hours.



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  1. Mrs. Reyna

    We just made our second trip to Maui (our son is 5). We loved Hana so much the first time we visited that we decided to take him there too. We decided a guided hiking tour made sense cause he’s little and we wanted easy trails that didn’t sneak up on us being hard. He got to swim next to a waterfall and was thrilled!
    We then decide to keep going on our own. We stopped at Garden of Eden and had a nice walk , fed the peacocks, posed with the parrots, and left with sweet little bananas. When we stopped for lunch in Hana we discovered that our son had eaten all 6 of the bananas!!! My husband and I got some sandwiches, had a quick picnic and decided to get back on the road. After about 30 minutes of curvy road driving our son starts yelling from the backseat that he’s “gonna go BLECH”!!! So we spent the last half of the drive around the island pulling over every so often for him to “get rid” of the 6 little sweet bananas. When we got back home after our 2 weeks on the island, THAT was the first story he told everyone when they asked him how he liked Maui!!!!
    Forget the snorkeling, parasailing, submarine ride, helicopter tour, hiking, waterfalls, and beaches…….he remembers the curvy drive, the bananas, and THANKFULLY the first waterfalls hike.

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