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Travel in luxury to some of Maui’s best hiking sites. This tour will take you into the heart of East Maui, where you can immerse yourself in lush rainforest, discover hidden waterfalls, and take in views of the windswept coastline. Your guide will help you customize your experience based on your interests and your desired intensity level. After your hike, chow down on some of Maui’s best pizza from Flatbread Pizza Company.  2 guests + $149 per additional guests



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Maui Rainforest Hike - Private Guided Hiking Tours


Maui is full of hiking trails for different fitness levels and preferences. Whether you’re an avid hiker looking for a challenging adventure, or someone who wants to take it easy and enjoy Maui’s natural beauty, Maui Pacific Tours will help you sort out where to go and pick the best sites for you. Trek through bamboo forests and swim upriver to hidden waterfalls, or cruise along one of Maui’s many coastal trails.


Our guides are on a mission to help you make the most out of your adventure, and their local knowledge is unrivaled. Safety is among top priority, which is why they only employ guides with the utmost knowledge of the area, from the roads and trails to ocean conditions and weather. Your guide will help you craft your custom adventure, as well as be your personal photographer and friend!


Your guide will pick you up in one of Maui Pacific Tours luxury SUVs or Mercedes vans before heading out on your 5-hour adventure. The tour includes a delicious lunch from the North Shore’s best pizza place, Flatbread, as well as snacks, and plenty of photos!

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Maui Private Guided Hiking Tours

Maui Rainforest Private Guided Hiking


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3 reviews for Maui Private Guided Hiking Tours

  1. Zamir Z.

    This was a pretty incredible experience. Having a private guide show us around and along the road to Hanna was better than I’d expected. Last time we were in Maui we went to Hana, but we rarely found any places that didn’t already have a bunch of tourists. This trip was WAY different in that we had spots all to ourselves. Waterfalls, small private beaches, pretty hiking trails. I recommend this Hana hiking tour.

  2. Benjamin Lewis

    I wouldn’t do this any other way than with a private guide. We had far more control over the experience, and I certainly wouldn’t want to prowl around the jungle where I don’t know where to go. Very much recommended!

  3. NC Lawyer

    Thank you for your guidance and knowledge. It was a real pleaseure learning about the plants, trees, and other flora while hiking to and from waterfalls. I think that’s what surprised me the greatest. My intension was to take my girl to a private waterfall. I didn’t expect to learn so much. I feel like I’m invested in this island now. I have knowledge that the average tourist doesn’t have. This may someday become my home due to such a thorough and welcoming introduction. Thank you again! P.S. Are you hiring guides? Ha Ha! Would love to leave the rat race and enjoy this beauty on the daily.

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