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Whether you’re an experienced PADI-certified diver, looking to get certified, or just want to experience scuba diving for the day, we have many options available for you in Lahaina and Kaanapali. If it’s still a question because you’re experienced, don’t dive without a solid guide. You don’t know Maui waters like these dive masters.


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Available Maui Scuba Diving Tours:

Most people opt for the inexpensive and easy shore dive, but there are many options for those certified and looking to scuba around Maui!

The most popular dive is the guided shore dive, where you’ll see turtles and all kinds of ocean life.  For those looking to up the adrenaline, the scooter dive is really fun.  If you haven’t been diving for a while, do the scuba review to dust off your skills.  For an entirely different kind of scuba experience, do the night dive and see all the nocturnal life off of our coast.  And, for those looking for something more custom, the private dives are a lot of fun.

Available Scuba Courses:

Not Certified?  No problem!

The Discover Scuba course is best for someone on vacation who just wants to try scuba diving.  The full-day course is for those looking to get a certification for further diving sessions.  The PADI referral dive is for those who have already started their certification and want to complete it on Maui.



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Maui Scuba Diving


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5 reviews for Maui Scuba Diving

  1. Joe Aluli

    I’m a scuba diver!!!!!! Well, sort of. I did your discovery dive and got to try it for the first time! It was unreal amazing! I’m not certified yet, but I plan on it now that I’ve had this experience. What I didn’t expect was it being so peaceful. It felt like I was in a giant blue room with the roof up high above lit up. We saw turtles, fish, urchins, and corals. I think the fish and turtles are way less afraid of scuba divers compared to snorkelers. They swam around us and didn’t care that we were there. Just such an incredible experience. Thank you for offering this to us newbs.

  2. Zulah

    I am an experienced diver. Not a master, but I go scuba everytime in different countries. Hawaii is now on my top 3 for the beauty under the waters. You have so much for us to see! I did not know that the turtle will swim so deep. I saw 3 turtles with fish cleaning there shells with there teeth. They just sat and enjoy the experience. Amazing! The coral was beautiful, but not as good as the Maldives. Thank you for helping me navigate your oceans.

  3. Ethan Thompson

    My wife surprised me with an introductory dive and it was so special. I would suggest this for anyone that can handle being underwater and loves the ocean.

  4. Mark Schoewe

    This was perfect! Just what I needed to “get my feet wet” and now I’m ready to get fully PADI certified at home. Next time I come, you’ll be guiding a fully certified amazing diver! LOL

  5. Brendan Machen

    If I have to judge, I would say your Big Island has better diving, but the dives we did were still very good (better than the murky waters off my west coast of California.) We saw quite a few different fish species, a turtle cleaning station, and 3 manta ray, which was my favorite part. if you get a chance to go after a full moon, it’s the best.

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