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The instructors and founders of Rivers To The Sea are not only experienced, fun, and patient, but they’re also some of our favorite people on the island.  Operating from one of the best spots to learn on Maui’s west side, this team of local Maui surfers delivers ALOHA and the love of the ocean and surfing to every beginner. Safety and experience make them some of the most professional surf instructors in the State of Hawaii. We can’t say enough about their team!


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The Locationbest Maui surf lessons

Most avid Maui longboarders know that “Guardrails” on the west side of Maui is the place to be for uncrowded, long rides.  Access to the water from parking along the street is quick and easy, making this long coastline perfect for entry and catching the most waves for the time you’ve got.  It’s also a convenient spot for those staying minutes away in Lahaina or Kaanapali, and it’s no more than 20-25 minutes from those staying on the south side. We particularly like this area for learning to surf because the waves are small, consistent, and long-lasting.

The Instructors

We’ve known the Rivers ohana for a long time, and we love both Kiva and Tide.  Not only are these guys some of the most positive, happy, and kind people we know, but they’re also some of the most accomplished and versatile surfers in existence.  Born and raised on Maui, these guys can ride 1/2 a foot longboard slop all the way up to pumping 60+ foot faces at Jaws.  Their experience and aloha have helped them build a team of instructors that surpass expectations and bring a smile and fun rides to every new surfer. All instructors are local Maui surfers, are CPR and first-aid certified, and brimming with energy, patience, and ALOHA!

What’s Included

Rivers to the Sea provide almost everything you need, but you should of course bring your own boardshorts or swimsuit and towels.  You should also bring reef-safe sunscreen.  You’ll arrive to soft-top surfboards, long-sleeved rash guards, and roof booties awaiting you on the beach.  As of this posting, all of their gear has recently been upgraded, so you get the best of the best.



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Lahaina • Napili • Kaanapali


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9 reviews for Professional Maui Surf Lessons

  1. M. Wenig

    I’m so grateful for my private lessons! It’s been a bucketlist item for many years to learn how to surf, and it was especially sweet being able to do it 15 minutes from my resort with my family cheering me on from the shore. Mahelo!

  2. Ron Blayrock

    I would do this again. I was worried we’d be at one of the crowded surf spots with all the beginners, but they met us at a spot with no one else around. We could learn at our own pace. So grateful.

  3. Anette Hertzberg

    Thank you for our surf lessons! I was happy to go somewhere that not a lot of other surfers were. And no one was around to see be fall! But I’m pretty proud of myself. Didn’t know I could do it, and your team really made it easy to learn. Thank you again!

  4. Jan H.

    What a super experience! We all got a chance to stand up. Something I didn’t think I would do.

  5. Eugene Jones

    Top notch surf instructors. Your crew are really kind, funny, and helpful. Please can I just move to Maui and live here and work for you?!?!

  6. C. Schifter

    Not surprised that you’ve got 5 stars only. We really appreciate your time, skill and patience. We had a wonderful time learning to surf and will do it again.

  7. Ray Diegel

    Other than bumping my knee on my board pretty bad, it was awesome. I’m looking forward to doing it again

  8. Kelly W.

    Your surf instructors were friendly and helpful to a fault. I almost hit one of you guys with my board! Having you give us all the equipment and instruction made it an easy entry for me. Thanks for everything!

  9. Terry

    I felt secure at all times as the instructor kept an eye on me, providing tips on how to catch the wave without killing myself and staying away from shallow areas. After a few hours of paddling, balancing and laughing, I’d manged to catch a bunch of waves! We all left feeling confident that we could continue practicing surfing at Breakwall.

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