tulum cenotes

Cenotes of Tulum Mexico

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Our recent trip to Cancun, Maya Riviera & Tulum

Earlier this year, we took our families to Mexico to explore, listen to some live music, and enjoy some delicious Mexican food (something we don’t have a lot of on Maui.)  Our trip did not disappoint!  An unexpected surprise came as we learned of the many cenotes (freshwater underground pools) dotting the Yucatan Peninsula.  Below are some highlights from our Mexico trip!

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Saving Money in Hawaii

17 Tips To Cut Travel Costs In Hawaii

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Traveling has become a staple for many of us. Some of us travel abroad while others decide to explore our own country from boarder to boarder and coast to coast. The travel industry continues to grow each year and whether it’s due to inflation or a rise in demand, travel seems like it has become more expensive. Whatever your reason is for travel, business or pleasure, retirement or gap year, we did the research for you to help cut travel costs and save some dough while still getting the best out of your traveling.

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A guide to Sayulita Mexico

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We just visited the little beach town of Sayulita off-season this August. Having been to this area in the winter, we can share the advantages and disadvantages of a summer vacation in Sayulita, Mexico.

Crowds and Prices – advantage

True many shops and restaurants are closed, but you can breathe! Mostly locals and some tourists frequent the streets and beaches. It feels like it ought to feel: like a sleepy little Mexican beach town. We love it! And though prices are still higher than most spots we’ve visited in Mexico, you can take advantage of off-season accommodations. Prices are drastically lower to stay. We rented a big house on the south side of town. It would’ve cost us an extra $250/night during busy season.

empty Sayulita Town

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