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Situated on the Kohala Coast, this area is known as Kalahuipua’a, and was once reserved for royalty and special guests. Today, the tradition of Hawaiian hospitality lives on through this evening of song, dance, food, and culture. Held every Saturday evening at the Fairmont Orchid Hawaii, this luau tells the story of ancient Polynesian voyagers that made the journey from Tahiti to Hawaii, as well as the rich history of the Island of Hawaii.


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Cloaked in history, the Kalahuipua’a area of the Kohala Coast was once a gathering place for royalty and their guests. Dotted with fishponds and ancient trails, guests can explore the Ala Loa Trail, or King’s Trail, as well as the beautifully preserved fishponds that were once reserved for the chiefs. While many fishponds have been preserved along the Kohala Coast, none have been restored as well as those in Kalahuipua’a.


Talk story and chat with your hosts and performers prior to the show and learn more about the culture of Hawaii, as well as traditional games and practices. As the show begins, the world-renowned cast tells stories of ancient voyagers who made their way across the Pacific from Tahiti to Hawaii through song and dance. Enjoy tales of Hawaii Island told through traditional hula, and look for the influence of other cultures through costume and dance as the show continues.

Luau Dinner

Enjoy a hosted bar and buffet dinner prepared with fresh local ingredients by an award-winning culinary team. Sample an array of choices like kalbi beef and shrimp straight off the grill, a selection of poke and salad, kalua pork, and different types of noodles, potatoes, veggies, rice, rolls, and more. Dessert includes a lineup of different Hawaiian-inspired treats. A keiki menu is also available.




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4 reviews for Hawaii Loa Luau

  1. badZ

    Your luau is straight up dope

  2. Joe

    How do I book you for a luau at my house in Connecticut? That was a superior dinner and show. We’d go monthly if you had this near us. We learned about the culture too, so we didn’t just take. I also left the shells and rocks, so we won’t suffer like the Brady’s.

  3. Dhiren Cole

    The show and music were wonderful. You lose a star rating because the food at the luau in Maui that we went to last year was much better. The one at the Grand Wailea. But, that being said, I would still recommend Hawaii Loa.

  4. Adam G.

    My wife, 2 boys and I booked the Hawaii Loa Luau on the Big Island of Hawaii and it was worth the time and money. The grounds were beautiful. We loved the local hula dancers who gave us a glimpse into traditional island culture. For those looking for a cultural celebration with incredible food and entertainment, this is a great way to experience such a beauitufl people!

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