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Backed by golden sands, crashing waves, and swaying palms, Kauai’s Aulii Luau shares riveting stories of Polynesia in an idyllic setting. Located on the Sheraton Beach Resort lawn, the ʻAuliʻi Lūʻau is proud to be Kauai’s only oceanfront luau. But it’s not just the blissful beachfront location that drives endless sold-out nights; it’s Aulii’s authenticity. ʻAuliʻi Lūʻau shares stories passed down by generations from across the Pacific. As torches flicker and drums pound, the audience is guided through the enchanting history of the Polynesian people through mele (song), oli (chant), and hula.


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Aulii Luau Fire DancingTHE SHOW

Authenticity is at the forefront of ʻAuliʻi Lūʻau. Where other luaus replace accuracy with kitsch or dramatics, Aulii Luau showcases the genuine culture of Polynesia. The show takes the audience on a voyage through time, from when the Maʻohi people crossed the Pacific using the stars as their navigational guides to when Hollywood became infatuated with Hawaii in the 1950s. Listen as mythological tales are recounted through hula and chant and watch as ancient fire-throwing demonstrations are honored. After introducing the audience to Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Maori cultures, the evening culminates with a thrilling Samoan fire knife dance.


Aulii Luau is as much about showcasing Polynesian culture as it is Hawaiian fare. Get the evening started at the open bar, where an endless flow of Mai Tais, Blue Hawaiians, wine, and beer are served. Or, sample a delightful selection of Hawaiian pupus like beef pipi kaula, purple sweet potatoes, and tako poke. As the sun sets, indulge in the all-you-can-eat buffet. ʻAuliʻi Lūʻau works with talented chefs at the Sheraton Resort to prepare an unforgettable Hawaiian feast. Entrees include favorites like chow mein, fresh fish, kalua pork, taro rolls, and Huli Huli chicken. Just be sure to save room for a dessert of mango cake, coconut cake, pineapple upside-down cake, brownies, or fresh pineapple.


Few Kauai luaus take place in such a heavenly setting. Located on the oceanfront lawn of the Sheraton Resort, the action unfolds just steps from Poipu Beach. After arrival, guests are invited to enjoy a cocktail amid swaying palms and bask in the fading sunlight and gentle tradewinds.


Choose from the Aloha standard package or the Aliʻi premier package. The Aloha package provides guests entrance to the luau, a shell lei greeting, and access to the open bar and buffet. Meanwhile, the Aliʻi package offers express check-in, a specialty lei, and reserved tables within the first four rows of seating.



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  1. Lucio Montiel

    Sheila was gungho ready for this and pulled me along. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as thoroughly as I did. I made a bet with her that I would be bored and frustrated, but I lost. So here’s my review. She was right, as per usual. Thank you for a great evening. Worth losing a bet.

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