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Ride leisurely downhill for over 15 miles in 2 sections with jaw-dropping views of Maui.  These self-guided Haleakala Bike tours allow you the freedom to stop at any time for photos on the side of the road and grab a coffee or a bite to eat at a deli, restaurant, or snack stop.  This is the best price for an expertly narrated van ride up and then experiencing the thrill of this world-famous Maui bike ride down.



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Your adventure begins at 71 Baldwin Ave. in Paia, where a backpack, bike lock, rain/wind gear, and a map are provided. You’ll then have a chance to ask questions and learn about Haleakala and the rest of Maui from a local guide in a comfortable van drive up the mountain. Your guide will share dining options along the way as well as the best stops for photos. Once you arrive at 6,500 feet, you’ll be given all the equipment/gear needed for a comfortable Maui bike ride down the slopes of Haleakala (split into two sections due to recent regulations) back to where you started. These Haleakala Bike Tours are not to be missed.



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9 reviews for Haleakala Bike Tours

  1. Sharese

    I have always held a special place in my heart for Maui. My parents would save up their money every couple of years and take my brother and I over as kids and teenagers. My first trip to Maui was when I was 1 yrs old. It is my favorite place on earth and if you know me then you know that bit of info about me- I am a Maui lover. At one point I had my room as a teenager decorated with Maui/tropical island things.

    Last year, my boyfriend who I have known since grade school surprised me with a trip to Maui for a week, I had just finished my Masters and I was so excited to show him Maui because he had never been to Hawaii. On the third day we were there I noticed he was acting a little weird but I didn’t say anything. We went on the bike ride and through upcountry Maui through Kula. We were self-guided so he stopped at a historic Catholic church called Holy Ghost Catholic Church. I was surprised because he is not Catholic ( I was raised Catholic) but then I thought…hmmm, he does love history, so I didn’t think it too weird that he chose this stop. There we stood inside this great old church just him and I, a church my parents and I had always visited on Maui as a little girl. He got down on one knee in the middle of the vacant church while the Maui air blew sweetly in and pulled out a ring that he had custom made and said, ” Will you marry me Ann?”- I was so surprised and of course said “yes!”. The rest of the trip was so amazing as we went on many hikes, snorkeling and had a lovely dinner on a dinner cruise. he fell head over heels for Maui while we were there and I think realized how I could love it so much.

    Sooooo…..6 months later we knew we wanted to come back and get married in the small old sweet church in Kula. We debated about doing it at home with a lot of people but Maui called to us. We returned to the the Holy Ghost Church in Kula in an intimate ceremony with close family and our 2 best friends. It was a beautiful Maui day. I had a starfish intertwined in my hair and looked at the beautiful ocean view from the church one last time before I walked down the isle to my husband. After the ceremony we went on a dinner cruise and danced the night away under the killer Maui stars.

    I still have my dress with sand on it and I refuse to get it cleaned because it has the sweet sand of Maui on it. We’ll go back with our little son and daughter to show them the special church and beautiful upcountry Maui someday. We hope to keep returning and will renew our vows there someday [:-)]

  2. JD

    I’ve done this every time I’ve come to Maui (7 times now!) Some tours take you from the base of the park straight down through Paia. Others stop short about 8 miles up from Paia town. Local residents have urged the bike companies to do this so that the traffic in Paia isn’t quite as congested as it once was. The shorter tour cuts your bike ride to less than 30 miles from 38 and keeps the locals happier. The few companies that don’t observe their requests are making it harder for all the companies to run operations peacefully. With upset neighbors come stricter guidelines and enforced insurance requirements. This brings up the cost of your ticket to ride. Looking back, each of our rides has been completely satisfactory without the extra miles. We loved our last trip with you! Thanks. we’ll see you the same time next year


    Great ride! I’d recommend this to anyone. Will do it again if I ever get back to Maui.

  4. Herold P.

    This was the best priced ride we’ve done from Haleakala. Loved that I could sleep in too. I’ve lived on the Hawaiian Islands for 17 years (new to Maui though) and this was super fun. A great way to get acclimated with the many micro-climates of Maui as well as have fun with not too much exertion. We’ll do it again for sure!

  5. Gary

    That was super-fun when we did it last year! Thank you for ride. Not sure how we’d do it without your driving us up and giving us all the gear. Won’t forget this anytime soon. Let’s hope for our postponed trip we’re allowed to go again!

  6. Katia H.

    It would surprise me if anyone would recommend visiting the Upcountry regions of Maui without a bike ride. I’ve ridden bikes all my life off and on, some mountain biking, and little street, but I’ve never ridden downhill for so long and far. It kind of felt like cheating, but I was glad for it. Getting a rid to the top then riding down allowed me to enjoy the cool air, the smells and the magnificent views. Thanks again guys!

  7. jherrera

    I’m not much for riding a bike and I’m glad for all the downhill. We had to pedal through some flats and uphill very briefly at a light incline, but for the most part, I relaxed and enjoyed the relative breeze. ahhhh! I’ll do this again.

  8. Dal Caputo

    I haven’t been on a bike for 10 years, so it was a little nerve-wracking at first. Then I got into my flow and really enjoyed it. I think my problem at first was thinking I needed to keep up with the others. Once I chilled out a bit, I enjoyed the ride leisurely. I’d do this again, but I’ll be wearing warmer clothes. It was a little chilly at the beginning of the ride.

  9. Mackey Mehrotra

    Very good bike ride. I was happy that most of it was downhill.

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