Mauna Kea Tours

Top Mauna Kea Tours

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The Top Mauna Kea Tours

The Big Island’s Maunakea has been a hot topic in recent times, undergoing everything from fierce protests to torrential rains to blankets of snow. But take away the commotion and what remains is the mountain Native Hawaiians deem the most sacred site in their North Pacific archipelago.

Top Mauna Kea Tours

Understandably so. Soaring 13,769 feet above sea level, it’s not only the highest peak in the Hawaiian Islands but when measured from its underwater base, is also the tallest mountain on Earth. Physical attributes aside, it was and continues to be a sacrosanct place, and home to a number of Hawaiian deities. Maunakea’s more common, contemporary spelling, Mauna Kea, translates to “White Mountain”—for the seasonal snow it sees—while “Maunakea,” as suggested by the University of Hawaii at Hilo’s School of Hawaiian Language, indicates the mountain of the Hawaiian deity, Wakea. Its majesty, height, its remoteness, its dry air, and the clear, luminous sky that cradles it has rendered the dormant volcano one of the leading astronomical observation sites in the world. In addition to serving as the designated place of the proposed Thirty-Meter Telescope (TMT)—the cause of those aforementioned protests—it houses thirteen telescopes operated by astronomers from eleven different countries. In other words? The summit is the place to see the sky.

As such, tours to Maunakea’s peak abound across the Big Island, offering budding astronomers, avid stargazers, and early risers a chance to get this close to heaven. Here are the top Maunakea Tours we’d recommend—and why you should toss a sweater into your suitcase now:

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Big Island Hawaii Tours

Top 5 Hawaii Island Tours

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The Top 5 Big Island Hawaii Tours

Once the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii, Kailua-Kona—the hubbub of all things fun in the sun on the Big Island—is a visitor’s Shangri-La. Balmy weather, first-rate snorkeling, world-class resorts, a historic village brimming with lively shops and restaurants—the enclave is as entertaining as it is stunning. Here are the top 5 Hawaii Island Tours.

top Hawaii Island tours

Located on the southern slope of the Hualalai volcano, it’s the perfect spot to revive in style—and the perfect starting point for some of Hawaii Island’s coolest tours. We’ve rounded up our choices for the top five of these expeditions; here they are:

Volcano UnveiledVolcanoes and Lava Tubes Waikoloa, Kona BOOK NOW
Kohala Waterfalls AdventureWaterfalls Waikoloa, Kona BOOK NOW
Maunakea Summit & StarsDinner, Sunset, Stars Waikoloa, Kona BOOK NOW
Kohala Canopy AdventureZipline Wakoloa, Kona BOOK NOW
Big Island Volcano TourVolcanoes National Park and more! Hilo BOOK NOW

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hawaii trends

Trending in Hawaii Now: 2021

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What’s Hot in Hawaii—2021

You scroll through your Twitter feed for breaking news, peruse Facebook for the latest on your friends and family, pore over pics on Instagram, even get Google alerts on your most lusted-after bands.

In other words, you like to be in the know—and you’re keen on putting the now into that knowledge.

2021 Hawaii trends

And whether you’re planning a 2022 vacation in Hawaii or have lived here your whole life, chances are that your thirst for knowledge extends to the 50th state. You want to know what’s happening and trending within our islands. Read More

Luau Torch

Best Kailua Kona Luaus

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The Top 5 Luaus in Kailua-Kona

What’s a Big Island vacation without a luau?

The island itself may evoke plenty of wonder, but nowhere else will you find heart-pumping drums, Polynesian dancing, and heaps of delicious food. The question is less should I go to a luau when visiting Hawaii, but which luau should I choose—particularly when deciding between those performed in Kailua-Kona?

With this in mind, we’ve pulled together our top 5 picks for the best luaus on the Big Island’s sunny West Side:

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Palm Tree

Big Island vs. Kauai

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Big Island vs Kauai

Hawaii’s magnificence is profoundly felt the moment you step foot on one of its islands. Its ancient Polynesian culture—still palpable today—its lush rainforests, its glorious beaches, its sultry air: Is it any wonder why it’s frequently deemed one of the most coveted places in the world?

But vacationers often find themselves stumped when trying to choose between its six main islands. Should you go to Oahu to see legendary Waikiki Beach, to Maui to view its Humpback whales, to the Big Island to watch its live volcanic action, to Molokai to witness the splendor of the tallest sea cliffs in the world? To Lanai, perhaps, for an intimate, luxurious experience—or to Kauai to hike into the Grand Canyon of the Pacific? Read More

Hawaii Beaches

The Sands of Hawaii: Green, Black, Orange, Red

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Dream of Hawaii and you might immediately think of stretches of golden sand studded with palm trees.

While this may be an accurate vision of the islands’ sublime shores, few realize that Hawaii is also home to a rainbow of vibrant-hued beaches. Plan to be dazzled by these surreal spots:


Green Sand Beaches

Papakolea Beach—a cove tucked into pastureland on the Big Island’s southernmost tip—is world-renowned for a reason: it’s one of four beaches on the planet that possesses green sand, sharing the distinction only with Norway, Guam, and the Galapagos Islands.

green sand beach

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