Big Island Hiking

Big Island Hiking

lineBig Island Hiking EverywhereBig Island hiking gives you natural opportunities like no other place on Earth. From recent lava flows to eroded green sand beaches and cliffs, this island was built for exploring.

So Much Ground To Cover

With 4 of the planet’s main climate zones, the terrain on the Big Island moves from desert to rainforest to lava fields and back. Explore Mauna Kea’s tundras at over 13,000 feet, towering waterfalls in the lush jungles of Kohala, and even occasionally watch active lava flow.

Finding New Places

Hiking in Hawaii can be dangerous without an experienced guide. With knowledge of geology, the environment and historically significant areas, a professional Big Island hiking guide does more than lead you to the best spots for photos. Some of the best spots to explore on the Big Island are on private property, areas you can’t go without permission. This is yet another reason to take a Hawaii hiking tour.line


Big Island Hiking Day

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