Our Mission

jumping sacksWe offer curated activities that we’ve personally been to and LOVE, offer great prices, and donate a large portion of our profits to local charity organizations.  Living on Maui, we’re always looking for fun things to do.  As we looked to book activities, we were annoyed at how long it took to find the best things to do and how fees were hidden!  Notice we don’t have every activity on here.  ONLY the best.  The Maui activities we’d send our close friends and family too (and often do!)

Our Personal Story

We’ve lived in Hawaii (primarily Maui) for most of our lives.  We’ve experienced pretty much every activity available on Maui and the other Hawaiian Islands (many times!)  We also travel quite a bit off-island.  On our blog, you can expect to see photos and video from trips around the globe as we expand our offerings of the best activities we’ve experienced!

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