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Serving as a great alternative to navigating your rental car through the dark early morning to Haleakala Summit, Polynesian Adventure operates an unforgettable sunrise tour. Here you will witness some of the most divine views on the planet and behold a stunning sunrise from Haleakala’s peak at 10,000 feet- one of Maui’s most sought-after experiences. Learn about the rich history and culture of Haleakala Park and enjoy a delicious breakfast on this Haleakala sunrise tour.


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THE EXPERIENCETouring Haleakala Sunrise

Mark Twain called the sunrise from Haleakala “the sublimest spectacle” he had ever witnessed. Today, watching the sunrise from Haleakala Summit remains one of Maui’s most in-demand visitor activities. At over 10,000 feet, getting to the summit before dawn requires an early morning pickup which is usually around 2 am, depending on the time of year. On this Haleakala Sunrise Tour, you will take incredible views of Maui, and neighboring islands, as well as witness Haleakala’s otherworldly landscape, coming to life around you as the sun peaks over the crater’s eastern wall.


While it may be the Hawaiian Islands, it can be frigid at the summit due to the high elevation. Morning temperatures year-round are often in the 40s and can even go as low as the 30s. The summit can also be very windy, so account for wind chill as well. It is recommended to wear lots of layered warm clothes, a hat, and gloves are a must-have if you are going to be taking photos!


Haleakala National Park now requires visitors to make a reservation to enter the park before sunrise. Polynesian Adventure handles the management of reservations prior to entering the park. Breakfast at Cafe OʻLei at The Mill House is included. Your tour guide will also teach you about the rich cultural history and unique native plant and animal life of Haleakala.



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Haleakala Sunrise Tour

Haleakala Sunrise Touring




6 reviews for Haleakala Sunrise Tour

  1. Mikey

    Nothing in my life has come close to the majesty and true peace experienced when visiting the summit of Haleakala during sunrise! It was MIND-BLOWING! I sat above the clouds with Sarah in total silence, cozied up with blankets (really cold!) and enjoyed the slow rise of our sun as it broke through the clouds. Watching the rays of sun change as the clouds and sun moved made for some unbelievable photos! How do I go about sharing some on the comments here?

    • Activity Authority

      Oh man, so glad you enjoyed your trip to the Crater summit! At this point, we’re not sharing photos in comments. If you have an amazing shot of the Haleakala sunrise, send us an email and we may share it on our social media if you give us permission. Thanks again for booking through Activity Authority!

  2. Nancy Corradini

    DID NOT EXPECT THAT! We heard going to see sunrise at the Haleakala volcano summit would be good, but WOW! I guess we got lucky cause some of the others in our group said they had gone before and the sunrise wasn’t quite as good. The sunrise was crazy !! It cut through the clouds and the rays of light were Godly. It was an experience that took my breath away. I think about it a lot since. Thank you so much for an experience that overwhelmed my entire group!


    A delightful trip. Getting up early doesn’t suit me, but I’m glad we went. I recommend not planning anything the night before and go to bed Really early. The driver was charming and knew so much about the Hawaiians. He was the highlight due to his insight. You put together a superb trip. thanks

  4. Pineapple Women

    We’ve been up to the summit 3 times in the last decade or so. The first time was sensational, literally! The chill of the air and the sun bursting through the clouds?!?! For real? So cool. The second time it was cloudy and we didn’t get to see much of the sunrise. But it was really cool walking and driving through the clouds. Still a disappointment. They say it happens every once in a while. The 3rd time was this last year and even better than the 1st time. It started with rays blasting though the clouds below us. Then it broke through and the clouds lit up! So peaceful and awe-worthy. We recommend doing this at least once in your lifetime.

  5. Karen B.

    It was COLD! I knew it would be cold, but not that cold. Still worth it due to the views, but I think I’ll go later in the day next time if it’s warmer.

  6. KK

    Ive lived here all my life, born and raise. Ive been to the summit choke times but this was better. I dont like driving and this time I could just enjoy the views. Our guide driver taught me a bunch I didnt know about this area.

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