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Nightlife is scarce on Kauai. Bars that stay open past 9 pm are few and far between. But at Luau Kalamaku, the night comes alive. Heralded as one of the most theatrical luaus on Kauai, Luau Kalamaku invites you to join in on a night of extravagance. Captivating stories flow from the stage just like the drinks at the open bar. The Hawaiian-style buffet is as vibrant and meticulously crafted as the incredible costumes. And the engaging Polynesian dances—namely, the fire knife dance— keep you on the edge of your seat. From start to finish, Luau Kalamaku at the Kilohana Plantation is a night you’ll remember forever.


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Luau Kalamaku Kauai Fire BreathingTHE SHOW

When the sun goes down on Kauaʻi, the stage at Kilohana Plantation erupts in song, dance, and fire. As hula dancers sway, fiery poi balls burn, and rhythmic drums pound, guests are taken on a journey across the Pacific. Vivid storytellers recount an extraordinary sea voyage from Tahiti to Hawaii. Hawaiian mythology is woven throughout the performance, animating some of Hawaii’s most powerful goddesses. The Luau Kalamaku show honors the tenacious Polynesians that settled the islands and acts as a history and mythology lesson. With a crop of talented local performers, interactive stories, and choreography worthy of a Tony Award, you won’t want to look away.


Indulge in Hawaii’s favorite fare at Luau Kalamaku’s lavish buffet. The feast commences with an authentic ʻimu ceremony— where the kalua pig is unearthed from the underground oven. Now, it’s time to eat! Help yourself to heaping plates of traditional Hawaiian eats like poi, kalua pork, and fish. Some of Hawaii’s adopted favorites, including teriyaki chicken, vegetable chow mein, and potato macaroni salad, are also offered. Are you gluten-free? Vegan? Or simply have picky eaters in tow? The extensive menu satisfies all tummies and taste buds.


Luau Kalamaku is located on the storied Kilohana Plantation— a former sugar plantation that dates back to the late 19th century. Sprawling across 105 acres, today the estate is home to a 1930s-style mansion, a 2.5-mile rail line, a top-rated restaurant, shops, and Luau Kalamaku. Arrive early to explore the unique variety of shops or pick up a one-of-a-kind “Made on Kauai” souvenir from the artisan market on the luau grounds. Or, grab a ticket for a train ride into the heart of the plantation, where you’ll tour orchards of tropical fruit and feed friendly farm animals.


Choose from the Luau Kalamaku package or the Plantation Owners Evening Luau package. With the Luau Kalamaku package, you’ll receive premier seating, an open bar, buffet access, and a taste of genuine Hawaiian hospitality. Meanwhile, the Plantation Owners Evening Luau welcomes you as a VIP guest and highlights Kilohana Plantations’ culinary excellence. This package includes a lei greeting, a four-course meal at the renowned Gaylord’s restaurant, a complimentary welcome drink, a champagne toast, and all that Luau Kalamaku offers.



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