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Head up the gentle slopes of Maui’s Haleakala to the small rural town of Hāliʻimaile and find the historic Maui pineapple plantation. Here is where your experience begins.  What was once thousands of acres of pineapples is now a small farm dedicated to keeping this special Maui crop alive.  Ill bet you already knew that pineapples grow on a plant in the ground, or did you?  Enjoy amazing views, knowledgeable guides, and the freshest pineapple you can get on Maui!


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Maui Pineapple Tour Experience
Hāliʻimaile is a small rural town on the slopes of Haleakala.  Its name loosely translates to an area covered in fragrant vegetation.  That vegetation was once the Maile shrub but as of the 1920s, it has been home to the sweet smell of pineapples.  The building from the 20s still remains and is still partially in use for the current production of Maui Gold pineapples on Maui.



As you may or may not have known pineapples grow on a plant in the ground.  They can take up to 3 years to produce a single fruit, however, they can keep producing fruit for up to 50 years.  The climate of Maui is perfect for growing pineapples so it became a big industry across the islands.  At one point Hawaii was producing 80% of the world’s pineapples!  The taste of a fresh pineapple is unforgettable and it is loaded with nutrients making it good for you as well.  The aloha spirit is alive in these tropical fruits and you can feel it when you take this pineapple farm tour.  The guides are amazing, and experienced, and will definitely show you a good time.  If you’ve ever wondered where a pineapple came from you will find that and so much more on this Maui pineapple farm tour.

Some notes from our experience: 

  • Free pineapple with every tour
  • Pristine views
  • Shipping is available if you want to take some home
  • Great restaurant and art gallery nearby
  • Monday – Saturday
  • Bring sunscreen!



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Maui Pineapple Tour

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