Kailua Sailing Canoe Adventure

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Take a step back in time to when the Pacific was traversed by expert Polynesian navigators when islanders traveled long distances by canoe, and when the Hawaiian values of kuleana, ohana, and aloha aina were perpetuated throughout the islands. Much has changed since these times. However, a few Kailua watermen are working to share these core Hawaiian values with visitors through outrigger canoe adventures through Kailua Bay. These tours offer visitors the chance to sail or paddle to Moku Nui island off Kailua and learn about ancient Hawaiians’ expert knowledge, respect, and passion for the ocean.



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HUAKAʻI WAʻA PEA – Sailing Tour

Climb aboard a traditional Hawaiian sailing canoe for an adventure through Kailua Bay. This three-hour semi-private tour kicks off with a 30-minute sail through crystal blue waters to the small island of Moku Nui. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to talk story with your guide and learn about the history of Hawaii, Kailua, and Moku Nui itself. Prepare to see lots of native wildlife once you arrive on the island: Moku Nui is a seabird reserve and favorite hangout spot for basking green sea turtles and monk seals. As you explore the island, your guide will happily point out any native plants and animals you might encounter and maybe even show you to one of Moku Nui’s secret tide pools. Then, as the day winds down, you can kick back on the beach and enjoy some complimentary snacks or snorkel the surrounding reef off Moku Nui.


Paddling was once the primary form of transportation in the islands. Canoe paddling is also an important practice in Hawaiian culture. Even today, there are countless canoe clubs and high school paddling teams across the state that paddle Hawaiian outrigger canoes. Hawaiian customs, names, techniques, and traditions are still used in all aspects of the sport. Aboard this three-hour tour, you’ll learn the very same techniques and traditions as you paddle from Kailua Beach to Moku Nui. In addition to learning the art of paddling, your guide will share with you the folklore, history, geology, and fauna of the Kailua area. After a good paddle, you’ll have some time to explore the island and take a dip in the famous Queen’s Bath. Keep in mind this tour is physically demanding. So if you’re looking for a leisurely cruise, the Huakaʻi Waʻa Pea tour might be for you.




You might as well show up in your swimsuits- you’re going to get wet on this tour. Although it might be a good idea to pack some sun protection as well- there’s no shade aboard an outrigger canoe. Reef-safe sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a UV shirt will do the trick. You’ll also be doing some exploring once you reach Moku Nui, so bring some sandals, or as we call them in Hawaii, slippahs. Lastly, water is a must! Don’t forget to pack your Hydroflask. Included on this tour are dry bags for any items you don’t want to get wet, as well as some light snacks. While onboard the canoes, lifejackets are mandatory for all guests.



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7 reviews for Kailua Sailing Canoe Adventure

  1. Shai Hershfield

    I had no idea that Oahu was so beautiful! I kept imagining an island city. I didn’t know parts of the island were so pure and beautiful. Thank you for what I might consider a top 10 experience in my life. The water was so beautiful and just everything blew my mind!

  2. P. Woerth

    Thank you for teaching me so much about the waa and taking me to so many beautiful places.

  3. Brittany Froio

    The wind through my hair, my muscles burning, the sun and spray hitting my face. These are the magic moments I revert to when in my office on a Monday morning. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful experience that I’ll cherish forever

  4. T. Sarandos

    Has anyone gone on any canoe adventures from other regions of Oahu? I loved this trip and want to do it again, but I want to see more of Hawaii. I didn’t expect to see such beauty on this island.

  5. Bennet

    We had an incredible time on this Kailua Canoe Adventure and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique way to explore this special region. The guides were really knowledgeable about Hawaiian wildlife; they taught us all about different types of fish, plants, birds and other animals that inhabit this part of the world. By the end of it we felt like experts ourselves!

  6. Christian Castillo

    The tour was incredibly informative as we learned about some fascinating Hawaiian history and culture, such as learning about ancient fishing techniques. Something I really didn’t expect.

  7. Cheryl Watson

    A lot more work than I thought it would be, but still fun

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