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Calling all adventurous souls! Are you ready to check something off your bucket list? This night manta ray snorkel tour is one of the easiest ways to view manta rays up close in Kona and is one of the most popular visitor activities on the Big Island. After dark is feeding time for the rays, and this two-hour tour seeks out the best spots for manta ray viewing. Take the plunge into the nighttime seas with an experienced guide, and simply hold on to a custom-built boat and watch the manta rays do their thing.


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Kona Manta Ray Going Up!The Tour

This nighttime tour brings adventurous individuals closer to one of the ocean’s most graceful giants: the manta ray. Departing from Honokohau Harbor, this two-hour tour heads just offshore to find the best location for manta ray viewing. Once the rays are spotted, guests climb into the warm Hawaiian waters and surround a custom-built snorkel boat equipped with bright lights. An experienced guide will accompany you as you hang on to the boat, float, and watch the spectacular manta ray ballet. This tour is open to anyone over the age of five with adequate swimming skills. All the necessary gear for viewing the rays will be provided.

Kona Manta Rays

There are hundreds of manta rays that call the waters off Kona home year-round. These rays can grow to be humongous, weighing up to 1,000 lbs with a wingspan of up to 16 feet. Unlike stingrays, manta rays do not have stingers and are harmless, gentle creatures. The number of manta rays around Kona can vary, depending on how much plankton (their main source of food) is in the water.

Free Manta Guarantee

Manta rays are abundant in Kona, but just like whales, dolphins, and turtles, rays are wild animals, and their presence is not guaranteed on every tour. However, if no mantas are seen on your tour, you are free to try your luck on a different night, depending on availability. This rarely happens, but this offer never expires in the event of a manta-less night.




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5 reviews for Nighttime Kona Manta Ray Snorkel Tour

  1. Linda Bush

    This is straight out of the movies! I can’t believe these huge creatures come so close and are unphased by us bobbing around them. It was amazing!

  2. Janet C

    If you’d asked me if my favorite experience would have been snorkeling at night in the ocean, I woulda said you were crazy! But, alas, these gentle giants have made this trip incredible! I’ll never forget my time with these peaceful, graceful, and beautiful creatures.

  3. Lenka

    I can’t recommend this enough. We’re coming back next year, probably staying in Kona but haven’t locked it down yet, and we’ll do this again!

  4. Marshall S

    I will likely remember this experience until after senility takes me. It was that impressive on me! Watching this big creatures all around me and my kids was such a great experience. My wife had to stay home with the baby, and now we have to book another session before we go. Otherwise, she’ll never understand!

  5. Jerome Roberts

    Otherworldly! I’ll do this anytime I come to Hawaii. Seriously, it’s a reason in itself to visit Hawaii.

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