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Think you’ve seen all Kauai has to offer? Think again. Swap your rental car for a thrilling ATV adventure through the pristine backcountry on Kauai’s south side. You’ll crisscross 15 miles of red dirt trails to windswept beaches and a hidden lake (well, reservoir, but you wouldn’t know by looking at it!). Amid the fun— and filthiness— you’ll stop to talk story and learn more about Kauai’s rich history. Prepare for three hours of speed, mud, and play on this top-rated Kauai ATV tour.


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Ready to hit the trails? Hop in your Polaris XP 4 1000. These bad boys are recognized as industry leaders in all-terrain vehicles. It’s almost like they were built for Kauai’s rugged backcountry! With 110 horsepower and a powerful suspension, Kauai’s gluey mud and rippling terrain are no match for this dynamic vehicle— allowing you to maximize fun and adventure. Plus, with comfortable seating for up to four, you can share the Kauai ATV experience with the whole fam.


You’ll ramble from mauka to makai across miles of old unpaved sugar cane trails— pure lumpy, bumpy fun. But kicking up dust on four wheels is only half the excitement: this tour makes several pit stops at exclusive locations. You’ll soak in stunning ocean views from the cliffs overlooking Mahaulepu Beach and visit locations where famous movies were filmed. This Kauai ATV tour also visits the Wilcox Tunnel— a greenery-draped cavern once used by cane haulers— and the Waita Reservoir. The Waita Reservoir is Hawaii’s largest inland body of fresh water and a true Kauai hidden gem. At the reservoir, test your catch-and-release skills as you fish for bass on traditional bamboo poles.


First and foremost, you’ll receive a complete safety debrief. You’ll also be given a helmet, gaiter, and goggles to protect you from Kauai’s red dirt and mud. Throughout the tour, you’ll be treated to fun facts and historical tales about Kauai and the unique locations you visit. To top it off, toast to your good time on this Kauai ATV tour with cold beverages and locally-made granola (with amazing views!)


Pack your sunscreen: you’ll be in and out of the hot Kauaian sun at a few stops. You’ll also want to bring a towel (to wipe off all the mud and dirt after the tour), bug spray, and closed-toed shoes. No slippers (flip flops) are allowed on this excursion. Also, bring a credit card for collateral and a driver’s license if you are driving. Because you are guaranteed to get coated in red dirt and/or mud, leave valuables like cameras, unprotected cell phones, and jewelry at home.



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