Maui Submarine and Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Maui Glass Bottom Boat Tours and Submarine


underwater adventuresWhile scuba diving and snorkeling are amongst the most common boat tours on Maui, there’s an easier way to get up close and personal with many of Maui’s most intriguing marine life.

Glass bottom boats and submarines offer a no hassle, family-friendly alternative that’s perfect for all ages, and are highly recommended for unforgettable views of Hawaii’s underwater beauty.

Marine Life Encounters

While each tour varies, submarines and glass bottom boats offer guests the opportunity to see much of Maui’s endemic marine life, including Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, rays, eels, urchins, sea stars, octopus, dolphins, and tropical fish species, as well as fascinating coral reef systems, local shipwrecks, and even scuba divers!

No Learning Curve

As opposed to snorkeling, SNUBA or scuba diving, submarines and glass bottom boat tours require absolutely no learning curve! Simply climb aboard, sit back, relax, and enjoy the views while learning facts about Hawaii’s distinct marine ecosystem and marine life. This is an ideal option for family members spanning all ages and interests, and is not nearly as time consuming as most other water sports and boat tours.

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