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Meaning “The Ocean Tide,” Te Au Moana has remained a constant part of life in the Hawaiian and Polynesian Islands. During this beautiful Maui luau experience, guests will learn more about the islands through ancestral storytelling, music, dance performances, and demonstrations of skills like tapa making, fishing, gathering, gift-giving, and more. Located on the beautiful South Maui shoreline, this entertaining luau is ideal for a romantic evening in one of the most scenic areas of Maui.



New Year’s Eve Luau

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Wailea luau Maui HawaiiLocated at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort in South Maui, Te Au Moana, meaning ‘the ocean tide’ in Hawaiian, is a delightful luau about the aspects of life that connect all of Oceania. Guests will be entertained with song, dance, and ancestral storytelling, as well as skill demonstrations that have connected Polynesian settlers to the earth’s elements since the beginning of time.

Family Friendly Luau

Perfect for groups of friends, couples, and families, each guest of Te Au Moana will receive a lei, as well as the opportunity to witness the famed Hawaiian Imu (underground baking oven), flower crafting, hula dancing, kapa, and bookmark making, storytelling, coconut shucking, and other Polynesian crafters.

Wailea Luau Feast

The menu includes various Hawaiian specialties like Imu baked Kalua Pig, Shoyu Chicken, Hawaiian Fried Rice, Molokai Sweet Potatoes, Lomi Lomi Salad, Macaroni Salad, Poi, and Coconut Haupia, as well as a wide assortment of worldly cuisine to please each and every guest, including Grilled Teriyaki Steaks, Seafood Pasta, Stir-Fried Vegetables, Tossed Kula Greens, Pineapple Coleslaw and several mouthwatering dessert options. Choose from an assortment of blended tropical drinks, and enjoy the show and scenic sunset from your seat!

New Year’s Eve Luau

The New Year’s Eve luau at the Marriott Wailea is an enchanting celebration that merges Hawaiian tradition with festive flair. Against the backdrop of Wailea’s pristine beaches and lush landscapes, guests are treated to an unforgettable evening of cultural performances, live music, and delectable island cuisine. The rhythmic beat of Polynesian drums fills the air, while hula dancers mesmerize with their graceful movements. Meanwhile, the aroma of roasted pig and tropical fruits tantalizes taste buds, promising a feast fit for royalty. With fireworks illuminating the night sky at midnight, the Marriott Wailea’s New Year’s Eve luau is a magical start to the year, leaving guests with cherished memories of Hawaiian hospitality and aloha spirit.

New Year’s Eve Booking

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Wailea Marriott Luau Video

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Maui luau feast

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Luau Grounds


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Doors Open

4:30pm (5pm from June 4 – September 2)


Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evenings

Open Bar

Cocktails, Beer and Wine


Imu baked pig, teriyaki steak, seafood pasta, shoyu chicken, Hawaiian fried rice, Molokai sweet potatoes, stri fried veggies, tossed Kula greens, mac salad, lomi lomi salad, poi, chuka soba noodle salad, pineapple coleslaw, rolls and butter, coconut haupia, double chocolate cake, coconut macaroons, brownies, recan chocolate chip cookies, key lime squares, carrot cake, open bar and blended tropical drinks.


Fire Dancing, Round Table Seating, Buffet-Style Dining, Table Service for Drinks


Receive fresh flower lei or carved wooden fish hook necklance, witness Imu (Hawaiian underground cooking oven), flower crafting, Kapa and bookmark making, casual hulas and storytelling, Polynesian Crafters.


for children 5 and under


No refunds or cancellations within 24 hours.

Wailea Luau Location

Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at 3700 Wailea Alanui, South Maui, Hawaii 96753

18 reviews for Wailea Marriott Luau – Te Au Moana

  1. Guy with wild children (verified owner)

    We had the best time! So convenient too, since we were staying at the Marriott. Great food, fun show, perfect sunset. Just what we needed to unwind before our week trip. Mahalo!

  2. George H.

    Great luau! I’ve been to this luau each year visiting Maui (this is my 5th time in 6 years.) It’s AWESOME! I love the food, the show and the service. My wife and I stay at the Marriott cause we have the rewards card, so it’s really easy for us. I know there are other luaus, but why go to a new one if this one is so good? Jess bought some beautiful handcrafted art too. Our hearts are in Maui and that’s where they’ll stay until we move there eventually for retirement. Thank you for a great luau!

  3. Papio

    I’ve been to this one before, and they must have redone the grounds. It was even better this time!

  4. Elizabeth E.

    Love the Marriott Luau In Wailea. Well organized. Parking lot available for guest, walking to the beautiful grounds with the ocean on the side, a welcome fresh flower Lea, escorted to your table, to the delicious buffet & the Hawaiian entertainment. Aloha with ❤️🌺

  5. Natalie

    We went again to this luau because the price is right and it’s never let us down. I was impressed with how much work they’ve done to the luau grounds! Everything is new! Beautiful new stage area, grass, tables, and I think the costumes are new too. The food was great as always and the service ROCKED! Thanks so much and we’ll be back again next time.

    • Maui Hawaii

      SO GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT! We went to Te Au Moana recently too, and the grounds are truly impressive. The staff were really friendly and fun too. Mahalo for booking your Maui luau with us!

  6. F. Ansari

    Thank you for a wonderful night! I’ve been meaning to share my experience with you since last winter, but better late than never. I hope you’re all getting along well and enjoy your empty beaches. Aloha

  7. Groovin’ Chic

    I love to dance, so this was right up my alley. There was plenty of room along the side of the tables and in different areas near the band and show to dance. My table were the rockstars of the audience, yup. I think we gave everyone an extra dose of what is referred to as “aloha” by having more fun than anyone. We tried our hand at hula too! Didn’t think I’d have so much fun, but Maui luaus are now on my to do list when visiting. I hope I can come back again in the next few years.

  8. Dan

    I haven’t been since 2014ish on my first trip. They changed the grounds quite a bit with new construction, grass, etc… It was nice back then but it’s so much nicer now. It’s was a perfect luau experience. I recommend anyone to go to the Marriott Luau! It was a blast!

  9. harris

    I’m ready for another night, but you’re all sold out.

  10. Robyn P. Ellison

    Jeff was not into it at first. He ended up really enjoying it once we got food in him. Hangry husband makes things hard. But I loved it!

  11. Jacqueline Decker

    I highly recommend your luau. We had a spectacular time with you. Mahalo!

  12. Giancarlo

    You’ve improved the grounds since we last went to your luau. Everything was new and beautiful. Glad to see it!

  13. Martin Putnam

    The poi was not to my liking. The rest of the food was very good. What made it a win for me was the incredible show and music. It lulled me right into a very happy and relaxed state. A place I needed to be after not having had a vacation for a VERY LONG TIME. But the poi was odd. Do people actually like it? I don’t get it.

  14. Patricia Rembis

    Everything was above our expectations, and though the Wailea Marriott staff couldn’t plan a good sunset, we got an amazing one! Not sure if they do this every night, but they took a break so we could shoot some photos during sunset. Maybe it was because ours was so good that night? I don’t know, but I was grateful. I would recommend this to anyone visiting Maui.

  15. Gerald Miyagawa

    I’m a big boy, so when they brought out 3 courses family-style, I was worried it wouldn’t be quite enough. It was a lot of food, but I asked the waiter if we could get more if we finish anything, and he said yes. Turns out I didn’t need to ask, since it was plenty of food. So for those of you that require more calories, have no fear on this dinner.

  16. Terry

    The atmosphere was warm (both literally and figuratively) and festive, with beautiful Hawaiian music played by the live band as we enjoyed yummy local food. We had a blast!

  17. Keith Ruiz

    First off, our hearts go out to the many affected by the fires currently raging in Maui. I hope you get it under control and the island returns to a version of normal sometime soon. In the meantime, everyone that is not on the island should donate to Maui Food Bank.

    The staff at Wailea Marriott went above and beyond to make sure we had a fantastic time. They paid attention to every detail – from making sure our drinks were always filled, to asking if we needed anything. Everyone at our tabe had a great time, and we made a few new friends. it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in Maui.

  18. Hannah Price

    The luau featured a Polynesian revue that amazed us with its fire-knife dancing, hula performances, and Tahitian drumming ( believe it was Tahitian?) Every act was visually stunning and incredibly entertaining, but the highlight of the show was the fire dancer going nuts!

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