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Whether kayaking to snorkel with turtles off the coast of Makena, gazing up at the towering West Maui Mountains at Olowalu, or having the unique thrill of being low to the water as a pod of humpback whales cross your path, Maui kayaking is something you’ll never forget.

Personally, some of our best Maui snorkeling experiences have been just off the coast using kayaks. We love the exercise, the ability to get to areas without any other snorkelers, and the joy of gliding across the water.

The best spots we’ve kayaked and snorkeled on Maui would be from Makena in south Maui as well as the Olowalu area of west Maui.  The guides are a ton of fun, experienced, and knowledgable about where the turtles and schools of fish are.

At Olowalu, there are miles of vibrant reef, much of which is shallow enough to enjoy directly from the kayak (bring polarized glasses!)  In Makena, your guide could take you to turtle cleaning stations, underwater caverns and much more.

Regardless of the location, you’ll find the group size to be very small.  Any attention you need, as a new or advanced snorkeler, is readily available from your guides.

Kayak Snorkel in Maui, Hawaii

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