*** On August 8, 2023  wildfires on Maui devastated the West Maui town of Lahaina and the surrounding area. Our deepest condolences go out to all of the people, families, and businesses affected by this terrible event. Unfortunately, Lahaina Harbor was also lost in the fire and it will be some time before we see any ocean tours leaving or visiting this area.

For Maui ocean activities, see Maalaea Harbor or Kihei Boat Ramp.

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The Top 5 Maui Snorkeling Tours

Snorkeling and Maui go hand in hand for a reason: the pristine waters off of the Valley Isle’s coast teem with some of the most vibrant marine life in the world. And while terrific snorkeling is found just off the beach across the island, nothing trumps taking a trip out into the Pacific—where diving under may put you within reach of everything from manta rays to Hawaiian squirrelfish.

Choosing the right snorkeling tour on your Maui vacation, however, is a different story. Dozens of boats line the Kihei and Lahaina harbors, ready to whisk guests to several of Maui’s most revered places. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together the top 5 snorkeling tours Hawaii’s second-largest island has to offer—and why you should book a reservation pronto:

top Maui snorkeling tours

Adventure RaftSmall Group, Exciting 5 hours BOOK NOW
Deluxe SunriseMolokini Before Anyone Else 3.5 hours BOOK NOW
Lanai IslandDolphins, Sea Caves 5.5 hours Closed Due To Fire
West Maui SnorkelSailing, Close By 4.5 hours BOOK NOW
Family MolokiniInexpensive, Family-Friendly 5 hours BOOK NOW


Adventure Raft to Molokini Crater & South Maui Coast

Molokini Crater South Maui Coast

38 unique coral species and 250 different fish species flourish in the waters surrounding Molokini—a partially-submerged volcanic crater just off of Maui’s southern coast. Formally declared a Marine Life Conservation District in 1977, it lures hundreds of snorkelers and divers to its depths on a daily basis. Moray eels, white-tipped reef sharks, yellow tang, and humuhumunukunukuapuaʻa (Hawaii’s state fish) are just a few of the gems you may see when you book Redline Rafting Co.’s Molokini Crater & South Maui Coast tour. This iteration of a classic Maui day stands out from the pack for the laidback, intimate experience it offers. Their 35-foot rafts—specially customized for snorkeling and sea adventures—are fast and sleek, while the small number of people they host on each trip will make you feel like you’re a guest at an exclusive party. Moreover, Redline Rafting Co. is one of the few outfits to ferry guests to Molokini’s “Back Wall,” where some of the largest species in this part of the Pacific can be seen. Following your tour of Molokini, you’ll be taken to what’s been called Maui’s “Forbidden Coast”—a secluded stretch of coastline that’s marked by lava formations and underwater grottos.

Know Before You Go:

  • Consider dolphins your spirit animal? You’re in luck: Redline Rafting Co. specifically journeys to La Perouse Bay in the hopes of spotting Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.
  • Fresh fruit and cinnamon rolls are offered for breakfast, while lunch is comprised of deli sandwiches and pasta salad.
  • Also, have keiki in your crew? Be sure they’re 8 or older—given the adventurous nature of the trip (and vessel), it’s not recommended for young children, the elderly, or pregnant women.

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Signature Deluxe Sunrise Molokini Snorkel

signature deluxe snorkel

Most Molokini-bound vessels depart from Kihei and Lahaina. Not Kai Kanani’s luxury catamaran, which launches from the splendid Maluaka Beach in Makena (and puts you that much closer to your destination). There, you may see not only the marine life listed above but also parrotfish, Hawaiian octopus, and Bluefin trevally. The Kai Kanani—which has been serving visitors and islanders for over three decades—also takes guests along the Makena coast, where you’ll be given the chance to swim alongside those honu we mentioned earlier.

Know Before You Go:

  • Staying in Wailea? The Kai Kanani offers a shuttle service from the enclave’s resorts.
  • Happen to consider yourself a late (or late-ish) riser? You’re in luck again: The Kai Kanani’s Signature Deluxe Snorkel starts at 9:45 am, granting you the ability to (somewhat) sleep in.
  • Bring your appetite: The tour includes a spread of locally-sourced grinds, including fresh fruit, quinoa salad, slow-cooked pulled pork sliders, and ham and cheddar hoagies. Post-snorkel, you can also imbibe in an open bar that serves the likes of local spirits and Kona beer.

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Lana‘i Snorkel & Dive Watch – Not Running Due To Maui Fire

Things To Do On Maui Lanai

Lana‘i may be the smallest inhabited island in the Hawaiian Island chain, but it’s also one of the biggest when it comes to dolphins. Resting just off the western coast of Maui, this island—which skyrocketed to fame for its pineapple production before Larry Ellison bought it—brims with wild dolphins, including bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins, and spotter dolphins. Translation? You may experience some of the happiest sights of your life aboard Sea Maui’s Lanaʻi Snorkel & Whale Watch (during whale season). On this trip, you’ll cruise to the Lana‘i coastline, snorkel in its immaculate waters, dine on superb food, and, if you happen to be traveling between December and April, possibly see a whale tail or two.

Know Before You Go: 

  • The trip departs daily from Lahaina Harbor at 6:30 a.m. and returns roughly 5 hours later, giving those staying on other parts of the island the chance to see Maui’s renowned Lahaina Town in the early afternoon.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Open Bar are all available on this luxury tour.



West Maui Snorkel Sail

Maui Snorkel Tours Honolua

Molokini has earned a sterling reputation as one of the top snorkeling spots on the globe, but visitors to Maui would be remiss to overlook the island’s Honolua Bay. Located on the island’s lush and lovely western coast, this protected marine conversation area houses a number of brilliant creatures, including barracuda, boxfish, stripe belly puffer, and palatial unicornfish. Dolphin sightings are common on this snorkel trip, while the journey itself is pure posh.

Know Before You Go:

  • Keen on snapping shots of the marine life you discover? Sea Maui will be snapping and filming the whole experience for you to purchase at the end of the tour.
  • The upmarket feel of Sea Maui III reaches new heights with the quality of food that’s served on board, including fresh scrambled eggs, Kona coffee, huli-huli chicken, and delectable cookies.

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Family-Friendly Molokini Snorkel Tour

Molokini Crater

While heaps of companies provide guests the chance to see its magic up close, PacWhale Eco Tours offers something special. Helmed by the Pacific Whale Foundation, their Molokini & Turtle Arches Snorkeling Tour is as educational as it is entertaining. Each excursion is led by marine naturalists, who supply guests with the latest data on Maui’s inimitable sea creatures. And not only will you be able to snorkel at Molokini—where you’ll find 150-foot depths of radiance—but you’ll also be taken to Turtle Arches. The “bonus” snorkel site is treasured for its underwater lava formations and frequent sightings of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles—which, reaching dimensions of 4 feet and 300 pounds, are the largest hard-shelled turtles on earth.

Know Before You Go:

  • If you happen to wear prescription eyeglasses, PacWhale Eco Tours has you covered: They provide optical masks, as well as standard (though high quality) gear.
  • PacWhale’s Molokini & Turtle Arches Snorkel tour isn’t all about science and underwater culture. Onboard, you’ll be treated to a wealth of delights, including a continental breakfast and a sumptuous spread at lunch (think: pulled pork sandwich, deli sandwiches, fresh salad, and cookies!). Those 21 and over will also be offered a libation in the form of wine, a cocktail, or a Maui Brewing Co. beer.

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