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With this 3-hour kayaking tour in Makena, south Maui, you’ll have a chance to snorkel over the vibrant reefs, schools of fish, sea turtles, and much more! Prefer a private trip? Have more control over your trip with a private kayak/snorkel tour to Makena.



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Maui Kayaking ToursMakena is well-known for having clear waters, incredible reefs, and ocean life everywhere!


In three hours, we will get you acquainted with your kayak and snorkel gear, then get you out in our warm waters for spectacular snorkeling. Makena is also well known for our local green sea turtles, which are hard to miss.

In whale season, you’ll want to schedule a trip specifically to see whales.  Every year, between December 15th and April 15th, humpback whales make their way down from Alaska to mate and have their babies here.  Watching them from a kayak will blow your mind! See Maui Kayak Whale Watch Tours.

Are you closer to Lahaina, or do you want to snorkel from a catamaran out of Maalaea?



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Kihei • Makena • Maʻalaea


Makena Video

This footage was shot just after the sun came up in Makena, south Maui.


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6 reviews for Maui Kayaking Tours

  1. Rob Miller

    This was really fun. Thank you for taking me! I’m going to see how much kayaks are back home for summertime. So neat snorkeling off a kayak. Thank you

  2. Michele

    Bummed you guys were sold out when we visited. Hoping next year you have more guides and kayaks

  3. Kaisa Gottlieb

    I needed that! The peace of being on the water and getting to snorkeling on our own was pretty special. My son says it was his favorite part of our trip in Maui. Kayaking is definitely in my top 3 experiences from this time on your island.

  4. Alexis Swelbar

    My kids loved your kayak tour! I was a little unbalanced at first because I’m just not that great early in the morning when it comes to the inner ear. It worked out once I got really moving. Loved seeing the bright-red pencil urchin!

  5. Doug J.

    The tour was an A+ in my book and I would do it again, or will do it again if I’m ever fortunate enough to find myself in Maui, Hawaii!

  6. Gloria Myers

    This kayaking and snorkeling tour is something that I would highly recommend to anyone that loves to go snorkeling. Not only did I get to explore some beautiful locations but I also got to learn about Maui’s diverse ecology in an interactive way (our guide would show us creatures first hand and then explain about them). The guides were friendly and always willing to help .

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