Maui Ziplines

Maui Ziplines


Hawaii might be known for its abundance of ocean activities, from surfing to scuba diving to outrigger canoeing, but there are plenty of land activities that offer equally exciting opportunities to explore one of the most beautiful island chains in the world.

On Maui in particular, ziplining is one of the most popular activities for all ages, thanks in large part to its plentiful advantages and fun, adrenaline pumping uniqueness.

Remote Locations

One of the coolest things about ziplining on Maui is that you often get to visit areas of the island that normal travelers never see, including hidden pockets of Makawao and beautiful higher elevation areas of Haleakala Volcano, remote coastal plains in Ka’anapali and Kapalua, and even areas just near the impressively lush West Maui Mountains.

Epic Aerial & Panoramic Views

Because ziplining tours allow you to see an uncrowded, more secluded side of Maui’s natural beauty, you’re likely to see some of the most amazing aerial and panoramic views possible. Whether you’re ziplining over deep canyons, eucalyptus forests, or shimmering mountainous lakes, you’re sure to enjoy amazing panoramic views of Maui’s neighbor islands, coastline and the Pacific at every turn. The only challenge is going slow enough to appreciate it!

Cultural, Historical & Environmental Knowledge

While ziplining is predominantly a thrilling, family-friendly adventure, expert guides often share their knowledge of the local flora and fauna, wildlife, and insight of Hawaii’s fascinating cultural and historical significance. Learn something new about the beautiful Aloha State, all while enjoying an electrifying afternoon in nature.

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