Kauai Luau Torch

Top 5 Kauai Luaus

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Best Kauai Luaus

“Sublime” often comes to mind when describing Kauai—and it’s no exaggeration, either: From picturesque Hanalei Bay to the arresting Na Pali Coast, the oldest island in the Hawaiian archipelago booms with beauty and heart.

And while simply stepping outside in Kauai is a feast for the senses, there’s no better way to soak up its splendor than at a luau. Here are 5 of the top luaus on the Garden Island—and what you can expect at each of them.

best Kauai luaus

  • Auli’i Lu’au – Authentic – BOOK NOW!
  • Hawaii Alive Luau Show & Dinner – Longest Running Show in Hawaii
  • Havaiki Nui Luau – Interactive
  • Smith Family Garden Luau – Unique Location
  • Luau Kalamaku – Best Performance

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Maui Luau updates

Top 5 Maui Luaus

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January 19th, 2022

Our government has just loosened restrictions, so we should see availability open up big time!
We’ve moved most updates to each Maui luau section below.  See who’s sold out, who’s got tickets and when, and more Maui luau updates below.


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Top 5 Oahu Luaus Fire Dancing

Top 5 Oahu Luaus

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Best 5 Oahu Luaus

Home to miles of white sand beaches, warm seas, luxuriant resorts, and beauty at every turn, Oahu alone attracts millions of visitors every year. However, Oahu’s beauty is not its only allure. Many visitors are beckoned by the welcoming culture and the islands’ rich history.


Eager to learn more, visitors rely on luaus for a dose of Polynesian culture. As a result, luaus have become one of the most popular activities on the islands. A quick online search of Oahu luaus will yield hundreds of results. To help narrow down your research, we’ve filed through the luaus on Oahu to determine the top five.

Top Oahu luaus

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Maui kayak tours

Top 5 Maui Kayak Tours

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Best 5 Maui Kayak Tours

On Maui, being on the ocean in the early morning calm offers magic like nothing else. The air is cool, and the water is warm. The tradewinds have ceased overnight, and the sun slowly creeps out from behind the shadow of Haleakala, penetrating the glassy, deep blue of the sea. From the seat of a kayak, the magic is tangible.


Kayak tours are one of the most unforgettable ways to experience the ocean on Maui. Rather than being packed like sardines on a big-name tour boat, kayak tours give visitors a more intimate connection to the sea. From the ancient corals at Olowalu to the more recent lava flows near Makena, there are a network of reefs begging to be explored and several kayak tours willing to take you there.  Here are the best kayak tours offered on Maui:

top Maui kayak tours

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Mauna Kea Tours

Top Mauna Kea Tours

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The Top Maunakea Tours

The Big Island’s Maunakea has been a hot topic in recent times, undergoing everything from fierce protests to torrential rains to blankets of snow. But take away the commotion and what remains is the mountain Native Hawaiians deem the most sacred site in their North Pacific archipelago.

Top Mauna Kea Tours

Understandably so. Soaring 13,769 feet above sea level, it’s not only the highest peak in the Hawaiian Islands but, when measured from its underwater base, is also the tallest mountain on Earth. Physical attributes aside, it was and continues to be a sacrosanct place, and home to a number of Hawaiian deities. Its more common, contemporary spelling, Mauna Kea, translates to “White Mountain”—for the seasonal snow it sees—while “Maunakea,” as suggested by the University of Hawaii at Hilo’s School of Hawaiian Language, indicates the mountain of the Hawaiian deity, Wakea. Its majesty, its height, its remoteness, its dry air, and the clear, luminous sky that cradles it has rendered the dormant volcano one of the leading astronomical observation sites in the world. In addition to serving as the designated place of the proposed Thirty-Meter Telescope (TMT)—the cause of those aforementioned protests—it houses thirteen telescopes operated by astronomers from eleven different countries. In other words? The summit is the place to see the sky.

As such, tours to its peak abound across the Big Island, offering budding astronomers, avid stargazers, and early risers a chance to get this close to heaven. Here are the top Maunakea Tours we’d recommend—and why you should toss a sweater into your suitcase now:

Maunakea Stellar ExplorerBest Price Hilo, Kona BOOK NOW
Maunakea Summit & StarsBest Tour Kona BOOK NOW
Maunakea Summit AdventureSunset & Stars Waikoloa, Kona BOOK NOW
Maunakea Stargazing ExperienceUnique Location Maunakea Base BOOK NOW

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Hana tours

Top 5 Road to Hana Tours

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The Top 5 Road to Hana Tours

A serpentine route that parallels one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world. Waterfalls galore. Plunging freshwater pools. Beaches comprised of black sand, gray sand, white sand, and even red. Tropical rainforests; radical seascapes.

Is it any wonder why the Road to Hana is considered a leading attraction not just on Maui but also on Earth?

top best road to hana tours updated

Not at all. And yet, for those who choose to eschew a self-driven exploration of Maui’s remote eastern coast, the question becomes which tour they should select. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together our top 5 picks for the best Road to Hana tours—and given you a rundown of each option.

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