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One of Maui’s newest luau additions, Feast at Mokapu, is one of our favorites!  There are a few things that make this luau experience stand out, including meals served to the table (no buffet), delicious drinks, unique lei greeting, and a smaller group of tables with an impressive sunset view over the ocean (see the photos.  Yah, they’re real!)  The Andaz tends to offer a singular experience, whether it be the pool area to their award-winning on-site restaurants.  You pay a little extra for this Maui luau, but it’s worth every penny! That being said, they only offer the luau three nights a week, so it books up quickly!



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Andaz LuauLocated in Maui’s most pristine resort area of Wailea, The Andaz Luau, called the Feast at Mokapu, offers every bit of luxury you’d expect from this spectacular resort. Though the LauleʻA II Lawn is big enough to accommodate 3 times the guests, you’ll find a roomy group of tables just a stone’s throw from the crashing ocean.  The view is pretty phenomenal.  We saw one of the best sunsets of our lives at our last luau here.  Hawaiian crafts are demonstrated and patiently taught to those interested.  Great for the kids and those that want more emersion.

The Feast

Dinner is served at your table family-style in three courses.  remember there are 3 courses, because most guests go big on the first, considering what they offer.  Course One – ahi poke, poi, cured beef, squid luʻau, Hamakua mushroom salad, and grilled ʻulu salad.  Course Two – black pepper Kauaʻi prawns, kalua pig, pūlehu ribeye (this dish BLEW OUR MINDS), locally caught fresh fish, Moloka’i sweet potatoes, and edamame fried rice.   Course Three –  haupia tarts, Molokaʻi sweet potato cheesecake, and flourless chocolate cake.  The bar is equally impressive.  Your server is attentive, but you can always go to the bar if you don’t want to get up.  If you do, and there are a few people there, the Andaz Luau has self-serve Maui Brewing Co. beers too.  The cocktails they made were probably the best we’ve had at any luau on Maui.  High-quality ingredients are served in a glass with plenty of kick.  If anything, the food and drink are worth the price difference.

The Show

The show is performed by the good people of Tihati, so you know it’s good.  Beautiful hula, powerful music, and the legendary story told by masters.  You’ll love every moment, but won’t be pressured into coming on stage or watching every moment.  Though the backdrop is so stunning, you’ll never see a luau performance the same again, so pay attention!  And, of course, the fire-knife dancing will wow you for the finale.  Remember that the tables are few, so you’ll get a great view and have excellent photo opportunities.



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Feast at Mokapu Luau Photos

Feast at Mokapu Luau

Luxury Wailea Luau


Andaz Luau Video

This Maui luau video shares the Feast at Mokapu, Andaz Luau, from beginning to end.


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Sundays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays


Luau Grounds Open at 5:30pm (5 for premium seating). If you get their a little early, you can line up and be served drinks.


Approximately 2.5 Hours


Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort – 3550 Wailea Alanui Drive, Wailea, HI 96753

Open Bar

Cocktails, Beer and Wine. Self-serve beer.


Receive beautiful unique shell lei, attentive table service, witness Imu (Hawaiian underground cooking oven), flower crafting, Kapa printmaking, hula and storytelling, fire dancing. The view is unreal for sunset!


Table service, family-style dishes, Fire Dancing, Complimentary Valet Parking

12 reviews for Andaz Luau – Feast at Mokapu

  1. Natalie Brown

    This Luau was amazing! The location was perfect with a stunning view of the sunset, the service and family style dining that was brought to our table was top notch, the show was great and our kids loved it! Thank you Andaz for a beautiful Hawaiian style evening!

  2. Katie

    SO so so good! Jeff and I got the premium seats to sit upfront and glad we did. The standard seats were good too cause there weren’t a ton of tables, but it was awesome being right up next to the performers. The music just took me where I NEEDED TO BE! This is real Hawaii. What I wanted, and a great way to start our trip. Thanks to everyone! And thanks Activity Authority. Booking was easy and straightforward. Best price I could find. Cheers!!!

    • Activity Authority

      Oh, that’s great to hear! Thanks for the kind words! We agree this is one of the best luaus. ALOHA!

  3. Jose P.

    THE BEST! I’ve been to 2 other luaus in Hawaii (Oahu and Maui.) This was by far the best one. The food was as good as any top restaurant in the island. The location, show, drinks, all so good! Thank you!

  4. Michele Silva

    This was the highlight of our stay in Kihei…it was an amazing Luau…the family style food was delicious. The service was great…the Lavender Lemonade was the best I have ever tasted! The atmosphere of a beautiful setting where we had the best sunset while on memorable of a night…this to me was what being in Hawaii is all about….loved all the stories, music and dancers…this luau is definitely beyond a #10…thank you Andaz for all the memories with our family!

  5. Sally Robinson

    Can’t say enough about this luau! We stayed at the Andaz Wailea before and missed it (is this luau new?) The food was so good. As good as any five star Maui restaurants. That paired with amazing service, delicious signature drinks and beautiful live music made it one of the best parts of our trip!

  6. Sheryl T.

    For sure a highlight of my first time to Hawaii. This island and its people never ceased to welcome me and give me butterflies in the stomach. It’s been a dream to visit the Hawaiian Islands since I did a school report on the State in Elementary. I couldn’t believe no one else in the class had picked it yet! Learning about the islands and the history of Polynesian voyager explorers has stayed with me for decades. The show at the Andaz luau covered history, lore, traditions, and just made me tear up! It was so beautiful. For my first luau, I wanted the best and I’m pretty sure I got it. Mahalo to my new home away from home and it’s beautiful people and culture. Aloha and many thanks!

  7. JD

    Your luau is wizardry. I’m not sure how you managed to put this all together so seamlessly and safely. I’ll recommend this to everyone. And POI? I didn’t know you ate it as a palette cleanser between richer courses. That makes sense. I didn’t get it until this was explained by our waiter.

    • Maui Hawaii

      Yah, most visitors think poi by itself is unpleasant, but when you look at it as simple palette cleanser, you appreciate the rich flavors of each course that much more. Our kids LOVE poi by itself. Some acquire the taste, others love it right away.

  8. Pierre Courduroux

    This is a class operation from soup to nuts. If I come back to Maui, I will do this again.

  9. Ali M

    Pricy, but we did it anyway. The only thing I can complain about is the cost, but it was still worth it. Everything was top notch.

  10. Kerry Yeaman

    You had me at Open Bar. And then you won over every part of me with the food, show and music. I was concerned about spending an evening with my family where it cost a fair amount, but it was the kids favorite thing (other than going to the beach.) So, thank you!

  11. Roger Ross

    The feast itself was a feast for both our eyes and our stomachs! Everything served was absolutely delicious – from succulent roast pork to juicy pineapple dishes. Cooked to perfection, this was our best meal in Maui so far. We have 3 days left and intend on trying, but it was just so good.

  12. Sean Jimenez

    The Andaz Luau Feast in Wailea, Hawaii is TOP-NOTCH! Just do it. It is definitely something that I would recommend to anyone looking for an immersive cultural experience complete with great food and fire dancing madness!

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