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Join us on an expertly guided tour along the Road to Hana, stopping for highlights that will make your jaw drop!   Your driver knows every nook and cranny along the way and will share what areas are best to visit for the current conditions.  Once you’ve driven the Road to Hana with a professional tour, you’ll never do it any other way!



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The Best Road to Hana Tours

This full-day Road to Hana tour provides breakfast, a picnic lunch (both with vegetarian and gluten-free options), and runs every day of the week. Get the most amazing photos at spectacular waterfalls, travel through much rainforests, and marvel at the Hawaiian bridges and coastal views.


Some of the many notable spots you’ll see include:


Ho’okipa Beach Park Lookout

Just past our favorite little hippie town of Paia, Ho’okipa is one of the more consistent surf breaks on Maui, known for continuously producing some of the world’s best surfers due to it’s large and challenging conditions. The cliffy lookout point allows for impressive views of the beach and a close up look at the massive waves (in season) and brave north shore surfers.
Hookipa Beach Lookout

Upper Waikani Falls – Three Bears Falls

One of the most picturesque waterfalls, Upper Waikani Falls offers a close up view of waterfalls right along the road. It’s often also referred to as Three Bears, due to the way the water falls down the cliff face, and you’ll also drive by Lower Waikani, which can be truly impressive if it’s been raining upstream.
upper waikani waterfalls

Keanae Lookout

The Keanae Peninsula is steeped in rich history and has changed very little over the centuries. View the raw energy of the ocean has it strikes jagged lava rock formations, get some of the more incredible photos of palms and coastline, and see the REAL UNTOUCHED HAWAII you’ve been looking for!
keanae peninsula

Wai’anapanapa State Park

If you’ve never been to a Black Sand Beach, you’re in for a treat. Even if you have been to one, this is probably the most beautiful one in the world. Ranging from pebbles to fine sand, the contrast between the jet-black sand and the turquoise ocean and white foam offers memories you’ll never forget. Explore the ocean caves along with freshwater pools while hiking around the ancient Hawaiian grounds. This area is also filled with history and Hawaiian legends your guide will happily share with you.

Hana Town

Much like the rest of East Maui, Hana Town has changed very little in centuries. You’re likely to miss it if you don’t pay attention. This tiny town is as quaint and charming as you’ll find anywhere across our islands.
Hana Town

Wailua Falls

Much like Three Bears, Wailua Falls is usually the waterfall photo you see when looking up the Road to Hana. It’s AMAZING! Again, another waterfall directly next to the road, making for easy photos.
Wailua Waterfalls Maui

Charles Lindbergh’s Grave

Located at the Palapala Ho’omau Congregational Church, you’ll be able to pay respects to the most famous aviator at his resting place. Charles Lindbergh fell in love with Maui, and made Hana his home for his final years. Take heart in knowing that the Hana of his time is almost identical to the Hana you have been visiting. The ocean views from this area are pretty spectacular as well.
Palapala Ho'omau Church

Nearby Areas:
Hana & Paia


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2 reviews for Road to Hana Tours

  1. Cheryl Murphy

    What a great trip! Our driver knew EVERYTHING about Maui and the many spots along the road to Hana. We’ve driven to Hana and back before, but this was way better. My husband didn’t have to drive, so he loved it too. Learning all the historical and cultural tidbits made each location much more interesting. I relish in ancient lore and legends, so that part was particularly fun for me. Our group were fast friends by the end of the trip. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  2. Jeryl

    Hello, I loved my entire experience on Maui, but the part that stands out is when we took the Road to Hana tour. We stopped along the way, talked to one of the islanders, we learned about his tattoo, and how it was done using a sharks tooth and local berries, and I think he said he traded a pig for it too! We are coming back this fall or winter, cant wait to show my daughter “Paradise”!

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