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For a truly luxurious experience on the Pacific, Maui’s PacWhale sailing catamaran offers an assortment of can’t-miss tour opportunities on Maui. Departing from Lahaina Harbor, all tours include a unique snorkeling experience aboard their luxury sailing catamaran. With smaller group tours, tons of onboard amenities, and excellent customer service, Lahaina sailing trips are hard to beat when it comes to romantic and relaxing days on the ocean. Enjoy a guided snorkel of Honolua Bay (depending on conditions, alternative locations may be used) as well as plentiful food options, and treat yourself to a day well spent in paradise.


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Spacesnorkeling with turtles

For travelers looking for the perfect way to treat themselves to a luxurious day at sea while visiting Maui, we highly recommend a snorkeling tour on a luxury Honolua sailing catamaran. Departing conveniently from Lahaina Harbor, guests will be treated to several amenities not provided on most other snorkeling excursions, tour photos, and premium snorkeling equipment.

No matter what your level of experience in the water, experienced guides are there to help you each step of the way. The catamaran is gorgeous and spacious, with plenty of room to spread out and appreciate the spectacular views of Honolua Bay and West Maui’s coastline. This tour does not disappoint.


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7 reviews for Luxury Honolua Sail & Snorkel

  1. Paul W.

    This year my daughter went snorkeling for the first time and she got to see a bunch of turtles it made her so happy and wanting to continue snorkeling. Honolua is absolutely beautiful!

    I also recommend taking surfing lessons . That is so fun! We also went up the Hana Hwy to find waterfalls this year, took all kinds of pictures of falls. I can’t wait for next year!!

  2. Jen Schneider

    Honolua Bay is now my favorite place in the world! The reefs along the cliffs and out a bit are so beautiful with so many fish! My first trip was sailing in the summer of 2017. It was AWESOME! Then I went back this winter, hoping to go snorkel by walking down there. It was A TREK! We made it down to the bay from the cliffs (I highly recommend taking a boat) and realized that the waves were way too big to get in. We then drove all the way to the apex of the bay where we hiked through the jungle. it was BEAUTIFUL! WOW! But also a lot of bugs. We made it to the rocky beach and went for a snorkel away from the waves. It was a little wishy washy cause it was so big, so I recommend going somewhere else when there are waves. That’s were this sailing trip was great! If it had been too big and not great conditions, the captain knows of a ton of other spots that are really good for snorkeling. Thanks again! I tried and failed on my own. I’ll book you guys again when I come in October of 2020. Alohas!

  3. Sherri V.

    I’m glad we chose to sail to Honolua Bay instead of drive. It was a much fuller experience (and I know because we drove there a few days later cause we loved the spot so much.) The snorkeling was just so good! So much life. And being able to get in the water direct from the boat saved us a bunch of hassle. When we drove there it was a hassle getting down to the water. Kinda scary and not worth doing. If you drive and hike to snorkel there, probably better to go snorkel off the beach somewhere where it’s easier. Loved the crew too. Really nice people and good food. Thanks

  4. Jay

    Thank you for a great trip! We stayed in Lahina and it was nice not having to drive far to get to the boat. Sailing is something I’ve always wanted to try and your boat did not disappoint. I felt like a celebrity being on this exquisite vessel. Pleased is an understatement.

  5. Shenee

    I wasn’t too excited about getting up early. Not a morning person. My fool boyfriend planned it and didn’t tell me until my second drink the night before. But, I’m not mad because it ended up being the highlight of my trip to the islands. The water was so clear! I never knew snorkeling was like that. I only tried it off the shore from the beach. It was so beautiful. I won’t forget it and will book you again next time I come to Hawaii. Cheers!

  6. brent

    5 stars and 2 thumbs up from my whole clan. That was a wonderful experience.

  7. Woody Thomas

    Nothing beats being on the open water while sailing. It was a the perfect trip and I want to thank our captain and crew (sorry I forgot your names!) We’ll be doing this again if we’re ever back in Maui.

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