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One of the most family-friendly snorkeling tours on Maui, Pacific Whale Foundation offers an abundance of onboard entertainment and activities, perfect for those looking for a fun, laid-back, budget snorkeling experience to some of the island’s best spots. Departing from Ma’alaea Harbor, hop aboard the Ocean Odyssey double decker catamaran for a Deluxe Snorkeling Tour of Molokini Crater and South Maui’s Turtle Town. Guests will be treated to plenty of excellent snorkeling, as well as food, drinks, a waterslide, glass-bottom viewing windows and sightseeing along the south Maui coastline.



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With daily departures from Ma’alaea Harbor, Pacific Whale Foundation offers the perfect morning and afternoon snorkeling tour option for groups, families, couples and budget travelers. Start the morning with a continental breakfast before venturing on to the first snorkeling spot, Maui’s popular Molokini Crater. With excellent visibility and an array of marine life, this is undoubtedly one of the best snorkeling spots in all of Hawaii. Experienced guides will lead the way, so whether it’s your first or 50th time snorkeling, there’s no need to worry!

After Molokini, guests will be treated to a second snorkeling location at Makena’s Turtle Town, an area known for its large population of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and schools of tropical fish. For guests who don’t want to snorkel, or simply wish to enjoy another fun activity during the tour, take advantage of the waterslide and glass-bottom viewing windows. Here, a BBQ lunch will be served, as well as cocktails after your time in the water is done.

During winter months, this tour doubles as a whale watching tour, and the fun commentary and trivia games performed by the staff will keep every member of your group entertained and happy. Pacific Whale Foundations double decker catamaran offers excellent views and plenty of room to ensure you enjoy your time on the water.


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10 reviews for Molokini Family-Friendly Snorkel Tour

  1. Robbie Bright (verified owner)

    So many wonderful memories of Maui but I think the one that has had the most impact on my life was the moment I finally figured out how to correctly use snorkel equipment. I will never forget that moment out at Molokini Crater and it has opened up so many more dreams I have for future vacation fun. Sounds simple; but, WOW so exciting to me. I’m very grateful to the staff on the boat that patiently helped me figure it out.

  2. Sue Barton

    This was such a neat trip! I’m pretty new at snorkeling, so going Molokini Island was a real treat! Thank you so much for making it easy. My husband saw an octopus (I couldn’t see it) and we both saw a ton of fish! At one point, they were all around us. Like a dream. thanks

  3. Jeffrey

    What a great experience!!!! Thanks. I’m not sure when I’ll be coming again to Maui, but if I do, this snorkeling boat trip is on my list. I’d do this every week if I lived in Maui!

  4. Kaleo

    Mahalo nui loa from local braddah Kaleo W! The trip was perfect for my ohana cause the boat was big/roomy and the cost not high. My 2 keiki lost their minds snorkeling at Molokini. This is a top notch trip. I’ll see you again soon so don’t forget me

  5. Joseph Grant

    I’ve done a ton of snorkeling and Molokini is on my top snorkel spots list at #2, only behind getting mobbed by dolphins off the shore from Lanai! That was pretty spectacular. But this was really fun too. We saw a bunch of fish, coral and even a manta ray? Or was it a sting ray? I don’t know but it was cool!

  6. Kelsey Matuga

    Molokini is to die for! What a great experience! Thank you for your care and helping my mom with gear. We’re not all that familiar with the ocean, so your guidance was on point and appreciated. Next time, I may try your raft trip to see what that’s like, but it was a good time and I’d do it again.

  7. Jake Q.

    My first question for your crew was, “Are there sharks at Molokini?” and they replied with, “Yes, and hopefully we’ll get to see some!” That put me a bit on edge cause they freak me out. I was worried if it was safe at Molokini Crater, and the crew put my mind a bit at ease with their ease. Then, about 1/2 way through snorkeling, I SAW A SHARK! I was told it was a white tip reef shark. I couldn’t tell cause it was closer to the bottom. But that experience changed my thinking of sharks. He didn’t want to eat me. He was just cruising along the bottom scavenging for something. It was awesome and sort of life changing. Thanks for a wonderful, life-altering experience!

  8. Candice

    Your crew were so helpful and sweet to us! Thank you thank you thank you! I’m coming back whether you’re open or not!

  9. Johnny

    This was perfect for my family. We have a very little one, and we could take him on a noodle with lifevest. We didn’t worry about him jumping off the side either because of the railings. Some other boats we’ve been on both in Maui and at home didn’t have quite as secure railings. But other than safety for our little man, it was well orchestrated by the crew and we got to see some beautiful reefs with fish.

  10. Rog

    Molokini Island has been a bucket list destination ever since I saw a photo of it on one of those top ten posts on the most unique spots on the ocean. I’d built it up on my mind a bit, but it was so good even so. We had a great time and loved snorkeling within the crater zone. Thank you!

    • Maui Hawaii

      So glad you had a great time! It’s a pretty special place. They just loosened up capacity requirements back to 100%, so new tickets should come available for those that couldn’t go.

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