Lahaina Whale Watching – Operating Out Of Maʻalaea Harbor

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Take advantage of this company’s many decades of whale-watching tour experience, and climb aboard a spacious luxury catamaran. Departing from Kaʻanapali Beach, this whale watch tour offers one of the best whale-watching experiences on the west side of Maui. Whale watching from West Maui is one of the best spots with pods of humpbacks seen every few minutes in the season.


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Lahaina whale watchAbout Lahaina Whale Watching Tours (Operating Out Of Maʻalaea Harbor)

Whale watch from this large, double-decker catamaran, where an experienced captain and staff take you directly to the best whale sites on the west side.  Departing from the convenient location of Maʻalaea Harbor, you’ll enjoy an excellent Maui whale watch trip into the center of the action.

Maʻalaea Harbor is well known as one of the best spots on the island to leave from if you’re looking to see humpback whale activity.

Are you closer to Maʻalaea, or do you want to go out on a more private tour? Check small group rafting trips out of Kihei or catamaran trips out of Maʻalaea.




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7 reviews for Lahaina Whale Watching – Operating Out Of Maʻalaea Harbor

  1. vian

    Really love that you have charters out of Lahaina Harbor because we always stay on this side. I could walk to our boat from our room! Great tour. We saw 11 whales and a turtle pop up.

  2. steph

    My now husband and I got engaged in Maui.
    We were on this Whale Watching excursion, and just finished watching the whales. It was a gorgeous day; we went scuba diving that morning. We drove from the Westin Villas to Lahaina Harbor very fast, ran down the slips, just as they were finishing checking everyone in. Of course, we were both irritated for being late.
    We had been dating for over two years, and my son and I had just moved in with my husband in November. We were still trying to get in some sort of routine living together, and dealing with each other’s little nuisances.
    We made it on the whale boat, and had a wonderful afternoon. We saw whales breaching, the gorgeous Maui hills, and the crew was amazing.
    We were on our way back, and the Captain let me steer the boat for a few minutes. It was at that time that my husband, came up and said to me, “don’t hit the island”. I was annoyed, and said “funny”.
    He then said, I love you – which totally caught me off guard, and then pulled out a little red box, opened it and said, “so you want to get married”. I was shocked, All I said was, “are you serious” about a 100 times. Finally I said, “yes”!
    He and I went into Lahaina that night and celebrated at Lahaina Grill. Ever since that trip, (it was both of our first trip to Maui) it has become our favorite vacation destination. We bought a timeshare there, and come every year during whale season and book this EXACT TRIP!

  3. Rev. Christopher

    While driving south on Honoapiilani Highway in February, I, along with my wife, our daughter and her friend simply pulled over, just north of the viewing spot and sat and watched a pod of whales play in the water a few hundred yards in front of us. Magical and a moment, a True Maui Memory. That’s when I knew being closer on a boat would be even better. Afterwards, we went on 2 whale watches in Lahaina and had a great time! One time the whale came right up to the boat. it was spectacular!

  4. ST

    I’ve stayed in Lahaina and in Wailea, and I think Lahaina has BY FAR the most whales. I’m not a scientist or anything but just from experience. It’s super crazy seeing these creatures so close. My husband and I go everytime we’re in maui and this is THE BEST! If you haven’t been whale watching in Maui, you haven’t been whale watching. Period

  5. N.B.

    I don’t do very well on boats (I get sea sick.) I was glad it wasn’t too long of a trip, but I still got a little woozy. They had ginger ale on the boat, so that helped. I didn’t get sick, but I felt a little bit. I wouldn’t dare go on a smaller boat due to my proclivity to sea sickness. This one was pretty stable in relation to some other boats I’ve been on. I’m giving it a good review because we saw a bunch of whales and it wasn’t their fault I felt sick.

  6. Allen

    This is the best priced luau I could find, and it was awesome! I’m not sure how many whales we saw. Lost count after 8 then wasn’t sure if they were the same ones or new ones. They kept traveling around the boat and 2 other boats came out. Seemed like they liked us. Worth every penny!

  7. Eugene

    I will always go on your whale watch each time I come back to Maui! That was really special.

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