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Operating out of Ukemehame Beach Park on Maui’s West Side, Maui Surfer Girls provides one of the top beginner surfing experiences on the island. With the help of one of MSG’s qualified instructors, not only will you take to the surf, but you will leave with a fine-tuned surfing technique and a better understanding of the ocean and waves. Maui Surfer Girls provides everything you need for a day full of surf and sun, including surfboards, rash guards, booties, and even a photographer should you wish to purchase photos of your surfing experience.


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The Locationwest maui surf lessons

Maui Surfer Girls operates out of Ukemehame Beach Park, conveniently located in between Lahaina and Kihei, just off Honoapi’ilani Highway. Ukemehame is one of Maui’s most idyllic stretches of sand. It’s frequent calm conditions, soft breaking waves, and easy access make it one of the most beginner-friendly breaks on the island. Maui Surfer Girls is one of the few surf schools permitted to teach at Ukemehame Beach Park, allowing for a comfortable lesson setting with little to no crowds.

The Instructors

Embodying the spirit of Aloha, Maui Surfer Girl instructors are all passionate surfers with an in-depth knowledge of the sport. Serving as Maui’s only female-owned surf school, most of MSG’s instructors are female, but lessons are open to everyone! With a 4:1 student to instructor ratio, Maui Surfer Girl’s provides students with a level of safety and attention that is unmatched.

What’s Included

Group lessons are two hours and each guest is provided with a surfboard to match their ability level, rash guards, and booties. Before hitting the waves, your instructor will go over the surfing basics; where to position yourself on the board, proper paddling techniques, and practicing how to pop up. Guests will also receive a short but detailed lesson on ocean currents, tides, surfing etiquette, and ocean safety.



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1 review for West Maui Surf Lessons

  1. Jessica Kane

    I LOVE MAUI SURFER GIRLS! You absolutely made my trip to Hawaii! I can’t believe I can now call my self a real surfer! What a great experience. I even have photos to share with my friends. Everyone is super jealous. Everyone is stuck in the snow drooling over my adventure in Lahaina Maui. Seriously thank you so much!!!!!!!

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