While almost everyone is familiar with Maui’s wide variety of luaus, there was also another option for entertainment after dark on Maui. Named the “Best Cultural Production in Maui,” ‘Ulalena was a captivating theatrical performance and cultural experience found nowhere else on earth. Located conveniently at Maui Theatre in Lahaina Town, guests were treated to a stunning performance of Hawaii’s history and legends, including authentic Hawaiian music, dancing, instruments and more from the beginnings of Hawaiian civilization to the fall of the monarchy. Evenings of unique Hawaiian entertainment with friends or family at Ulalena will be missed!

Ulalena has been cancelled until further notice.  SORRY!

 Since the Ulalena show is no longer available, here are some great alternatives:

Ulalena dancing

It’s said that there is a wind and rain on Maui that rises at twilight. Blowing between daytime and nighttime and crossing the boundaries of place and time, it is hopeful and cleansing. The Hawaiian name for this wind is ‘Ulalena, and we highly recommend attending this one-of-a-kind Maui theatrical performance to gain a deeper understanding of Hawaii’s legends and history.

Story, Dance and Music

Exploring the relationship between people, nature and mythology, ‘Ulalena tells the rich history of the Hawaiian Islands, from the beginnings of Hawaiian civilization through the fall of the Hawaiian monarchy. Guests will be treated to authentic performances like chants, Hawaiian dancing and live music from over 100 instruments, as well as special effects from the multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art Maui Theatre.

Hawaiian Culture

This award-winning performance highlights some of Maui’s most talented performers, and makes for a captivating experience for all members of your group. Characters and legends include Mo’o the Lizard Goddess, Maui the Trickster God, Pele the Goddess of Volcanoes & Fire, Hina, Kamapua’a the Pig God, and Kalo. Enjoy dinner and a show (or just the show) at this colorful cultural experience.

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