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If you’ve ever dreamed of riding waves in paradise, Hawaii is the perfect place to learn. Not only is Maui a world renowned surfing hub for people of all levels and ages, but who better to learn from than enthusiastic and fun Maui surfers in Kihei. Choose from a private lesson, or group lesson, and let an experienced instructor share his/her skills and love of the ocean in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Book your Kihei surf lessons, and get stoked!

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Maui surf lessons kiheiFor those heading to Maui to experience the best of Hawaiian paradise, no trip is complete without a surf session! Never surfed before? No worries! These Kihei surf lessons are perfect for first-timers.

Maui Surf Lessons

Maui surf schools are run by enthusiastic Maui surfers with a whole lot of patience, passion, and fun.  Your instructor shares his/her love of the ocean by offering private and group surf lessons at some of Maui’s most scenic locations. While you likely won’t be riding ‘Jaws’ anytime soon, your surf instructor will show you how to improve your existing skills or get you on your very first wave!

South Maui Surf School

At our South Maui surf school, guests can choose from several surf lesson options (all include a rashguard, surfboard, reef shoes, and an instructor):

Group Maui surf lessons are inexpensive, run around 2 hours, and have at most 6 students per instructor.

Private Maui surf lessons allow 1 on 1 instruction for those looking to progress as fast as possible.

Each lesson begins with a detailed ocean safety briefing and lesson on the land.  You’ll know the essentials before entering the water.

Regardless of what kind of lesson you choose, you’ll have a great time.  Your instructor will offer excellent advice without taking things too seriously.  It has to be fun or it’s not worth it!



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10 reviews for Kihei Surf Lessons

  1. Steve

    My whole life I have lived in Seattle, WA. Near the water, but always murky and the thought of “surfing” was out of the question. Pictures of surfboards and Hawaii cover the walls of my room, and Seashells take up the space on my desk. Life on an island was always my life long dream. I am 21, and my best friend invited me to go to Hawaii with his family. I was ecstatic. Finally, I get to see what Maui was all about. I walked off the plane and felt like I had walked in to a dream. The wind was calm and the heat surrounded me like a warm blanket. I immediately fell in love with the cars that carried surfboards on them and the slow pace of everyone. I come from a stressful, fast-paced work environment at college and the busy streets of Seattle where no one stops to enjoy the small things in life. Learning to surf was one of the best things I’d done.

    On this trip, I stopped to enjoy waves and how they pushed me to shore on the big foam boards they gave us, the funky taste of drinking out of a coconut and lastly, being in the presence of a waterfall. I met the Twin Falls after hiking about 15 mins. I dipped my feet in to the water, swam out and let the power of the water drizzle on me. Right then and there Maui taught me a life long lesson, to take a step back from everything, look at whats been handed to you and enjoy life.

  2. Jeremy Bernard

    I’ve been wanting to do this FOREVER! Ever since watching the Endless Summer II with my dad in the theater as a kid. What a fun experience. Thank you so much for time and energy. I feel like I got a lot more than what we spent, considering your patience and care. I now have photos that are blowing up instagram and made every one of my snapchat followers jealous. BOOOM! HAHA! Love it. Thanks again.

  3. Amy C.

    I AM A SURFER! Thanks to you! We had so much fun and I have such bragging rights at home. YES! Next time I come to Maui, I’m doing this every single day. Thank you thank you thank you! Tom was such a good guide.

  4. Pete Abrams

    Well, it was about time I gave it a go. Been watching these surfers at the Cove (we rent our condo across the street at the Shores of Maui almost every year, except for this year for obvious reasons) and I’ve wanted to try but never got around to it. Sally surprised me for my birthday last year, and I’m so glad she did! Not sure I would do it without someone else making the effort. Boy, I struggled on my first few waves but I finally stood up. Having your instructors help me with tips and pushing me into some of the smaller ones was crucial. I think next year I’ll try it again. Maybe I’ll rent a board, but I think another lesson would do me good. Thank you again so much! Give Tom a raise! Guy really helped me get going out there.

  5. jenny DelG.

    They promised I’d stand up, and I did! I wish I’d opted for the private lesson though. It was find having others, but I feel like I needed one on one the entire time (especially with my cute instructor!) Would do this again

  6. Serene

    The only things my kids remember or talk about from Hawaii is the luau food and learning to surf. I swear my son thinks he’s a professional now. Thank you for your kind and patient instructors. My kids can be a handful, but Matt and the gal (I forgot her name) managed to get them to listen and follow instructions while making it really fun. They stood up, rode a bunch of waves, and had the biggest smiles on their faces! Worth every penny for those memories (and for the photos that they share with their friends and class mates almost daily!)

  7. GODI

    My boyfriend tried teaching me here in Carlsbad, but it didn’t take. I attribute my success with you in Kihie to my being more comfortable in warm water, the big soft board, and your patience with me. I tell him that his first lesson got me ready for it. It did, but the warm water is what did it. LOL

  8. Wesley Alford

    Our surf instructors were very patient with me. I didn’t do very well, but I did end up standing up and catching a few waves. It was fun. I’ll come back, but I’ll look to do some working out beforehand next time.

  9. Judy H.

    My husband and I have been staying in front of a popular south Maui surf break (not sure what the spot is called) and have been awed by the grace of those surfing the breakers. Ever since we booked with you, our watching them has been accompanied by butterflies in our stomach. I didn’t sleep the night before my lesson. I was a little freaked out. Thought I would leave this review because your instructors squashed those butterflies with their patience, kindness and fun-loving charm! It was easier than I thought, though my hubby doesn’t agree. Regardless, we both stood up by the end of the day! I caught 11 waves!!!!! thanks!

  10. Jim O’Malley

    I’m here to share that this was one of the best things I’ve done. Yes, recommend for sure! Thank you Go Surf Maui instructors for being patient with me and helping me overcome my fear of the ocean.

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