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Snorkel at Molokini before anyone else! This roomy catamaran departs from Makena’s Maluaka Beach for a luxurious boat trip to Molokini Crater’s incredible snorkeling visibility as well as the world-famous Turtle Town.  This is one of our personal favorite trips on Maui due to the small group, delicious courses of food, and having Molokini to ourselves for almost an hour.



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Advanced Molokini Snorkel Tour - iconic snorkeling destination


Your first stop is Molokini Crater, where you’ll arrive well before anyone else.  After the beach entry at Maluaka Beach, you motor from Makena to Molokini (the shortest distance for any of the available Molokini departure points) enjoying the sunrise over Haleakala.  Once at the Crater, you’ll have around 45 minutes to explore the vibrant reef and sealife before the rest of the boats come.

The second stop is at Turtle Town.  Occasionally, the weather will force a different location, but you’ll always be snorkeling at an impressive underwater location.


There are many reasons to choose this trip: amazing crew, multiple courses of delicious food, and it’s early enough to miss the crowds but be home for a full day of fun.  But the fact that you get to ride on a 65-foot sailing catamaran with very few other passengers makes the trip legendary.  You’ll skip the crowds and enjoy a luxurious trip.


If you need gear, reef-safe sunblock, or even a refresher on how to snorkel, this is a great Molokini tour for you.  The crew is constantly coming around with food too: freshly baked cinnamon rolls, greek yogurt parfait with granola and Kula strawberries, fresh fruit, frittatas, ham and cheese sliders, fresh coffee, teas, and hot chocolate. Once you’ve finished snorkeling, grab a bloody or mimosa.



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6 reviews for Molokini Sunrise Deluxe Snorkel

  1. Natalie

    Hands down, this is the best snorkel trip in Maui. No doubts. We’ve done Frogman II, Peragon, Shangri-La, and Pacific Whale Foundation, and this one is a step above the others. It almost feels like a private charter because they keep passengers to a minimum on purpose. The staff are incredible, attentive, and knowledgeable. The boat is a beautiful catamaran with a big orange sail. Molokini is why we go, because the snorkeling is so clear and good. Again, this early trip is the best because you get there before any other boats (since they’re the closest departure point to Molokini from the beach in Makena). It feels like a private experience from beginning to end. A luxurious experience exploring Maui’s ocean. I highly recommend this trip and boat to everyone going to Maui.

  2. Wild Man

    I’m used to doing the craziest adventures when traveling. Sort of what I’m know for, and I thought early morning solo Molokini snorkeling would do it. Turns out this trip was not all that crazy but a wonderful adventure. I wasn’t dirty, I didn’t get hurt, there were no life-threatening turns. It was luxurious but not pretentious. Not what I usually go for, but man I’d do it again and again. It was a real treat exploring the incredible clarity at the reefs within and on the outside of Molokini Crater then coming in and having delicious food and being really taken care of. Barely anyone was on the boat. I asked why, and the Dave said that it was because they keep the passenger count low on purpose. Now I understand what this trip is all about. It’s just special. That’s it. You don’t know until you know.

  3. Jason Lorentzon

    You put on a stellar trip, Kai Kanuni! Everything was thought of in order for us to have a relaxed and fun time. I LOVE that you don’t put many people on the boat. It’s high season here and it was 1/2 full on purpose. Thanks for that!

  4. Kathleen Miller

    The snorkel experience at Molokini was unparralleed and I’ve snorkeled in the Carribean and in the Big Island. Once we were all on board after our snorkel, we skirted the Wailea-Makena coast. Since it was February, the heart of whale season, I wasn’t surprised when a mama and a calf popped up just a few hundred yards from us. Since no one was in a rush to get back, we were able to stay and watch them play for a little while, as our captain gave us a little bit of background on humpback whales. Informative, fun, beautiful.

  5. Diane Reed

    We had to check in early in the morning. Like really early. Once we got the safety briefing, we walked down to the beach and walked onto the boat from the water. King of a fun and unique way to enter a boat. The crew provided all necessary gear including masks, fins and snorkels, and then we set off. As soon as we left shore, a school of dolphins appeared out of nowhere, jumping around our boat! We continued along to Molokini Crater where we spotted hundreds of colorful fish swimming through coral reefs. It was great because we arrived well before any other snorkel boats. I’m not a morning person, so I may try your later trip next time.

  6. Henry C.

    I had an incredible time during your snorkel trip and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Maui. The crew was incredibly helpful throughout our voyage and they made sure everyone felt safe while out on open waters.

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