Last night, we had the pleasure of a sneak peek at the Maui Ocean Center‘s new exhibits and unique 3D dome theater featuring their new film “Humpbacks of Hawaii.”

new theater

All Maui Aquarium & Event Photos: Natalie Brown Photography


Humpbacks of Hawaii

Let’s cut straight to the best part:  The Film and the Theater!  Filmmaker Daniel Optiz debuted “Humpbacks of Hawaii,” a short 4K 3D film projected on the entire domed ceiling of this fantastic new theater.  You can look in almost any direction and see the film from different perspectives.  It feels as though you’re below the surface, swimming with these humpback whales!  We were blown away, and it brought tears to quite a few eyes.

The Theater is over 50 feet wide, allowing them to use the space for other events and films in the future.  The film is included with the price of entry to the Maui Ocean Center.

humpbacks of Hawaii


New Exhibits

Along with the new theater, many new exhibits have replaced older ones. We especially enjoyed the Kahoʻolawe historic displays and interactive exhibits.  For many of us, this island is a bit of a mystery, so learning more about what happened over the years and seeing exactly what each area of the island currently looks like was eye-opening.

Kahoolawe history


The Party

Pupus, drinks, and live music made for a fun opening with plenty of familiar island faces.  We had a blast, and especially enjoyed being at the Maui Ocean Center at night!

Maui aquarium party

Maui Ocean Center Renovations


Our Maui Aquarium at Night

We’ve only visited the aquarium a few times at night, for different events, which makes for a different vibe in the tanks.  Many of the creatures on display are nocturnal, so you get to see a whole different side of Maui ocean life.

Maui tiger shark tank
Maui jellyfish



As of this posting, regular Maui Ocean Center tickets for single admission come to $39.95 for adults, $34.95 for seniors, and $26.95 for kids 4-12.  If you want to see the film in their new theater, it is also included in the ticket price.  Seeing as we haven’t had much new come to Maui for some time, we have to imagine it’ll book up quickly for the movie.

Maui Ocean Center in Maalaea

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