The Top 5 Road to Hana Tours


A serpentine route that parallels one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world. Waterfalls galore. Plunging freshwater pools. Beaches comprised of black sand, gray sand, white sand, and even red. Tropical rainforests; radical seascapes. Is it any wonder why the Road to Hana is considered a leading attraction not just on Maui but also on Earth? Allow us to help you narrow down your options when it comes to the top Road to Hana tours.

top best road to hana tours updated

Complete Hana TourRun By Hana Locals 9.5 Hours BOOK NOW
Full Loop TourPrivate/Exclusive 8-12 Hours BOOK NOW
Halfway Hana TourLess Time 7 - 8 Hours BOOK NOW
Road to Hana TourExperience 9 hours BOOK NOW
Hana Jungle TourCustomizable 8.5 Hours BOOK NOW

For those who choose to eschew a self-driven exploration of Maui’s remote eastern coast, the question becomes which tour they should select. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together our picks for the top Road to Hana tours—and given you a rundown of each option.


Complete Hana Tour

Waianapanapa black sand beach

This 9.5-hour Complete Hana Tour takes the stress out of navigating the 64.4-mile route to Hana—a trek that, while endlessly stunning, includes hairpin turns and the need to pay careful, constant attention to the road. On this tour—as well as the others included here—you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and absorb the copious beauty all around you, from acres of land teeming with lush crops to waterfalls crashing from killer heights. Along the way, you’ll stop at a number of the Road to Hana’s greatest highlights. Chief among them? Waiʻanapanapa State Park—a 122-acre oasis that boasts a hala forest, a natural sea arch, blowholes, and an underwater grotto steeped in ancient myths—and the largest perennial stream on Maui, Palikea. Frequently praised for their fun adventures and informative team of guides, your Complete Hana Tour provides entertainment and education in equal measure.

Know Before You Go:

  • Complete Hana Tours include a choice of sub sandwich or veggie wrap as well as snacks, water, and soft drinks. The first stop on the tour has coffee and breakfast items for sale.  Occasionally vegetarian and gluten-free options are offered, but those with dietary restrictions should inquire before being picked up for your tour.
  • Consider yourself an early riser? Good! The Complete Hana Tour starts early (with hotel pick-up offered between 6 and 7 a.m.).
  • Given the range of spots at which you’ll be stopping, wear appropriate footwear—and dress for adventure (swimsuits, water shoes, reef-safe-sunscreen, hat, etc.)


Hana Waterfall & Beach Full Loop Tour

Black sand beach cave and lava tubes

Few trips journey into the real heart of Hawaii like the Road to Hana—especially when you’re on board with the Hana Full Loop Tour. This 8-12-hour expedition has several factors that make it stand out from the rest. First off? This Tour is the brainchild of Kellen Ferguson, who was born and raised on Maui and knows the island like the back of his hand. His deep knowledge of the land informs his tours, which brim with insider’s insights—and stops at special spots that other tour companies typically drive past. What’s more, each of these Local Maui Tours’ journeys is custom-designed, allowing you to set the pace and determine the action (with weather and safety considerations in mind, of course).

With options ranging from tours of lava tubes, ocean blowholes, and ancient lava formations to hikes that’ll take you to some of Maui’s most astonishing waterfalls, you’re bound to settle on an itinerary that will leave you more than satisfied. Further, while most rental companies disallow vehicles to travel to Maui’s “backside”—the barren and beautiful swath of land between Hana and Kula, which includes blind curves and washboard sections—the Hana Waterfall & Beach Full Loop Tour provides guests with the chance to do so (and safely at that). This will bring you into close contact with a stretch of Maui few see—and a glimpse into old Hawaii.

Know Before You Go:

  • While these local tours do not supply meals, the Hana Waterfall & Beach Full Loop Tour allows you to sample some of East Maui’s signature eats (from food trucks, roadside stands, and more), including Kalua pork tacos, plate lunch from Braddah Huts, Huli Huli Chicken, and melt-in-your-mouth homemade coconut ice cream.
  • Should you choose to do the full loop—and if time allows—you may be able to taste some of the delectable wines at Ulupalakua’s Maui Wine.
  • Have small keiki on hand? Be sure to pack your own car seat (see updated Hawaii car seat laws.)


Halfway to Hana Tour

Waikani waterfalls of hana

Unable to devote an entire day to seeing Maui’s secluded eastern coast? The Halfway to Hana Tour may be just the trip for you. Roughly 7 – 8 hours in length, this trip may be abbreviated, but it’s still huge on spectacular activities. While the tour itinerary depends upon your wishes—as well as stream flow rate, water quality, and rainfall—some of the sights you may see include Honomanu Bay (an isolated beach located at the base of sea cliffs that ascend 300 feet into the sky) and Waikani Falls, a photogenic trio of cascades that are surrounded by Hana’s iconic, verdant rainforest. What’s more, the Halfway to Hana Tour caps off with seven guests, which gives you a chance to have an intimate, chill experience.

Know Before You Go:

  • While the Halfway to Hana Tour affords guests the chance to take moderate to strenuous hikes, there’s no need to be a fitness buff: Again, each tour is custom-designed and can be tailored according to your and your group’s athleticism.
  • That being said, be sure to pack water shoes and a swimsuit. The Road to Hana is synonymous with getting wet.


Road to Hana Tour

Valley Isle Excursions

This Road to Hana adventure is certain to be an unforgettable Maui experience and it’s no wonder it makes our list of the top Road to Hana tours.  Fully customizable and private, this tour will only include your party (max: 6 passengers). Have your adventure tailored to fit your needs, interests, and fitness level while enjoying the rich history and culture of the East Maui region.  Friendly and knowledgeable guides take you through the twists and turns of the Hana Highway while stopping to enjoy secluded waterfalls, historical sites, and eateries along the way. From cliff-jumping to banana bread, this Road to Hana tour will reflect your style so that you can enjoy the experience to the fullest. Popular stops include waterfalls, bamboo forests, historical and cultural sites, a black sand beach, farm stands, food trucks, and stops to see unbelievable views of Maui. Get off the beaten path with this Road To Hana experience.

Know Before You Go:

  • Customizable, luxurious, private tour with your choice of three to four excursions along the way.
  • Water, snacks & lunch are included, with options to purchase banana bread and other delights as you make your way to Hana Town.
  • Waiʻanapanapa reservations are included should you choose to stop at the Black Sand Beach.
  • Make sure to bring swimsuits, water shoes, and reef-safe sunscreen!


Hana Jungle Tour

Top Hana Tours Jungle Adventure

As an alternative to the Hana Full Loop tour, you can choose to spend more time in the nature of the Road to Hana with the Hana Jungle, Waterfall, & Beach Tour. With approximately 8.5 hours to spend along the North Shore’s famed Road to Hana, you can hike deeper into the jungle to find even more waterfalls and private swimming holes. See extensive lava tubes, ocean blowholes, and multi-colored sand beaches.  There are many roadside food stops along the way giving you plenty of opportunity to enjoy local cuisine like kalua pork tacos, coconut ice cream, huli-huli chicken, and freshly baked banana bread. Some of the sites you may encounter are the storied Hana Bay, Puaʻa Kaʻa State Park, Keanae, a bamboo forest, the heart-shaped rock (Jurassic Park), Twin Falls, and more! These are just a few of the spots you’ll savor on this one-of-a-kind trip where you choose your own adventure.

Know Before You Go:

  • Meet your guide at 8:00 a.m. at Safeway in Kahului at 1090 Hoʻokele St, Kahului, HI 96732.
  • The tour will conclude around 4:30 p.m.
  • Hotel pick-up is available for a fee.
  • Make sure to bring water, swimsuits, water shoes, a towel, cash for tips and roadside stands, and reef-safe sunscreen!


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    I went on the Hana Beyond Tour and it was exceptional. I would recommend it to anyone looking to experience the “real Hawaii” that doesn’t exist at the resorts.

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    I’m travelling with a senior who can’t do hikes, but would enjoy the scenic drive. Let me know if this tour would work for her.


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      All of these tours can be enjoyed without getting out and hiking. You can stop and explore more if you like, but most pop out, get some banana bread, walk, pop in, pop out to look at the black sand beach, pop back in, etc…

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    Which would be a good tour for my husband and I – where my husband has recently had shoulder surgery and cannot do any hiking – but we still want to see and experience the tour?

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    Do u stop in Hana. There is a little store there that is worth stopping for. I am looking for a tour that stops there

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      It depends on what the group wants to do and if there’s time for it. Which store are you referring to?

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