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Looking for a more exciting whale watch than the large, slow boats?  Want to be as close to the water as you can when humpbacks cruise by you?  Then taking a whale watch with Redline Rafting is what you need.



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Redline Rafting Whale WatchingFor those staying in or near Kihei, it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of the near proximity of Kihei Boat Ramp and this great trip.  About the smallest group (23 passengers maximum) you can get on a Maui boat tour is on the Redline, so you enjoy a more intimate experience along with the excitement and speed you can only get on a high powered raft.


Available from January 15 to April 1st, over half of the North Pacific Humpback population migrates from Alaska to Hawaii in order to mate and/or give birth in the safe waters of Maui County.

Redline Rafting guarantees whale sightings on their whale watch tours out of Kihei, Maui, Hawaii.  A marine naturalist guides you through humpback surface behaviors as you watch their activity up close.  Every tour is different due to the nature and moods of these magnificent ocean mammals.

Are you closer to Lahaina, or do you want a bigger catamaran out of Maalaea?


Kihei Whale Watch Video

Humpback checks out snorkelers on Redline Rafting​.

Humpback checks out snorkelers on Redline Rafting. SO NUTZZZ!!!!

Posted by Maui Hawaii on Sunday, February 4, 2018

This footage was shot on this exact trip only moments after departing from Kihei Boat Ramp!


Whale Watching Maui Photos

kihei maui whales

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1 review for Kihei Whale Watching Tour

  1. Benny Hackstedde

    I love doing whale watches when in Maui and this was probably our 9th time going out. Mostly we use the bigger boats cause they’re cheaper and we stay in Maalaea. This large raft leaves from Kihei at the boat ramp and is a far more exciting trip. We got to see whales up close thanks to being so close to the water. A whale swam right past our boat!!!! I could’ve probably touched the whale had I been a little taller (longer.) I have AMAZING PHOTOS! How do I share those on here?

    • Maui Hawaii

      You can send us photos through our contact. Congrats!

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