Maui dinner cruise review


  • Delicious dinner, great service and just about the best way to enjoy an evening on Maui.
  • The pace is unrushed, fun and very relaxing.  Everything is done for you.
  • Perfect photo opportunities.  There are plenty of people around to assist in getting a shot of you during a perfect sunset over the water!


  • You can’t plan the perfect sunset.  We had a good one, but sometimes the colors don’t come out.
  • This is only available in Lahaina.  If you’re in south Maui, you’ll probably want to do the Maalaea or Makena sunset cruises (no dinner, only pupus.)

SUMMARY: Pacific Whale Foundation will take you from Lahaina Harbor on the Ocean Discovery or Ocean Quest (both double-decker stable catamarans) for a 4-course dinner by Threes Restaurant with complimentary drinks lasting about 2 hours during sunset (departure time varies seasonally.)

book nowADULTS: $92.95 • CHILD (ages 3-12): $56.95 • PREMIUM SEATS: $112.95

lineTara’s Full Lahaina Dinner Cruise Review:

Take a second to picture some of your favorite Maui moments.

Tara enjoying herself

What do you see? Enjoying a stunning tropical sunset while sipping on a Mai Tai? Dining on fresh, delicious meals from some of Maui’s top-rated restaurants? Whale watching?

Or maybe you’re dreaming of simply enjoying warm tropical breezes while gazing out into the Pacific Ocean.

Now, what if I told you you could pack all of these experiences into one evening?

Enter Pacific Whale Foundation’s Lahaina dinner cruise. Not only did we get to enjoy a sunset at sea, but had the opportunity to indulge in an exquisite four-course meal provided by one of Maui’s top-rated restaurants, Three’s Bar and Grill. Not to mention, our Pacific Whale Foundation tickets help support their mission to protect the ocean and marine life through their research, education, and conservation efforts.

Lahaina Harbor sunset

On the evening of our particular cruise, the weather was bright, clear, and calm- the perfect recipe for a dinner out at sea. We arrived at Lahaina Harbor and boarded quickly, heading past the big cruise ship and into the tranquil waters of the Au’au Channel.


Boarding Pac Whale

Upon boarding, we were greeted warmly by the staff and promptly shown to our seats where we were given a basket of fresh baked focaccia bread and artichoke dip as our drink orders were taken.

pupus artichoke dip

The specialty cocktails on offer were Mai Tais or Lahaina Lemonade, both equally delicious. Wine, spirits, and local brews from Maui Brewing Company were also available to drink. All beverages are included- even cocktails and beers! For safety reasons, alcoholic beverages are limited to three per adult guests. Frozen blended cocktails are available for purchase, or included with Premium Seats. Those seats guarantee a private table for your party as well.

boarding Pac Whale


1st Course

As our first-course of salads with local greens and mango passion vinaigrette arrived, the sunset began to light up. The western sky radiated deep oranges, yellows, and reds as the sun slowly sank into the island of Lanai, while behind us the West Maui Mountains absorbed the fiery colors and cast a shade of lavender. The warm hues reflected off the serene ocean, bathing the entire boat in dreamy pink-orange light. The faraway towering peaks of the Big Island were visible in the distance, a testament to how clear the day truly was. We enjoyed the iridescent colors dancing on the ocean as we munched on our salads. It seemed as if the chefs selected the tangy and fresh flavors to match the light show unfolding before us!

Maui dinner cruise salad


A Perfect Maui Sunset

We savored the last bit of sunset as the smell of freshly grilled steak wafted up from below where the talented chefs were grilling over an open flame. As the colors faded into pale pastels and the evening lights began to dot the shore of West Maui, our scrumptious entrees were placed in front of us.

Maui sunset cruise


2nd Course

I opted for the lemongrass curry marinated Kauai shrimp, and my guest went with the chimichurri flat iron steak with wild mushroom demi-glaze. Both dishes were accompanied by coconut whipped Molokai sweet potatoes and char-grilled vegetables. We both cleaned our plates.

dinner on Maui boat



At last, dessert was served- decadent triple chocolate brownies with fresh Kula grown strawberries. As guests have described in the past, you can truly “taste the aloha” in each dish served on board.


While you may not typically think of a boat as your go-to for fresh, local food and top-notch service, Pacific Whale Foundation’s Maui dinner cruise easily provides one of the best dining experiences on Maui. From the moment you step foot on board, the staff treats you like an old friend and an honored guest. Our server went out of their way to establish a personal connection with not only us but the tables surrounding us, ensuring each guest was receiving the best dining experience possible.



West Maui Dinner Cruise

As for the food, well, it speaks for itself. Three’s Bar and Grill is easily one of Maui’s best restaurants, and the care and precision they put into each dish shows. Each dish features locally sourced ingredients like greens, potatoes, shrimp, and more. You can truly taste the freshness in every bite.  And for those less hungry, looking for all the other best parts of this cruise, check out their Maui sunset cruise out of Maalaea.

lahaina dinner cruise

The only thing separating Pacific Whale Foundation’s dinner cruise from other top-rated Maui restaurants is the absence of four walls- and the fact that you’re floating at sea. Every seat on PWF’s Ocean Discovery boat is the best seat in the house. As far as dining at sea goes, don’t expect paper plates and plastic forks. Every minute detail down to the linens, dishes, and silverware have been cultivated to provide guests with an experience that rivals any other restaurant on Maui. The lack of single-use items also speaks to the Pacific Whale Foundation’s mission of sustainability.

Pacific Whale Foundation dinner cruise

From the five-star food, expert service, and sunset views, the Pacific Whale Foundation’s dinner cruise will provide one of the most memorable meals of your life.




Some takeaways:

  • It was a perfect Maui evening out on the calm waters off Lahaina for the sunset dinner Cruise with Pacific Whale Foundation.
  • The big cruise ship was in town, so we boarded quickly and headed out for a nice dinner on the water on the Ocean Discovery boat.
  • We were escorted to our seated by friendly and personable staff. Right away we were given a basket of fresh bread and artichoke dip, as our drink orders were taken.
  • The specialty cocktail for the evening were a Lahaina Lemonade or Mai Tai. Also available to drink were local beers from Maui Brewing Company, a red or white wine, and spirits from the bar.
  • Fresh salad for the evening was a mixture of local greens with Mango Passion Vinaigrette. It was tasty with a tangy delicious dressing.
  • As we watched the sun set over Lanai, the scent of grilled meat drifted from below on the deck where the chef was cooking over an open flame.
  • The sunset was spectacular and painted deep oranges, yellows, and reds across the sky. It was a beautiful clear evening, and even the Big Island could be seen in the distance.
  • Our entrees came out just after sunset. On the menu was lemongrass-curry marinated shrimp for me and chimichurri flat iron stead with wild mushroom demi glaze for my guest. Both were accompanied by coconut whipped Molokai sweet potatoes and char grilled vegetables. The meal was tasty.
  • Throughout the evening the servers were attentive and checking in on us. For dessert it was triple chocolate brownies with Kula strawberries.

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