Maui Kayak & Snorkel Whale Watch

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Whale watching while in a kayak doesn’t get better, unless you add snorkeling to the trip as well. This is by far the most exciting way to see whales in Maui waters. (Age 10 and above)

Olowalu (West Maui) trips are currently not running. Makena seems to be more prolific for whales anyway.


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See MAKENA CALENDAR for south Maui.

Maui Kayaking Whale Watching

Every year between December 15th and April 15th, humpback whales mate and give birth in Maui waters. Thousands of whales travel down from Alaska every year to enjoy the protected, warm waters of Hawaii, and Maui County’s shallower ocean floor is a hotbed of activity for these incredible creatures.


On this 4-hour kayaking tour, you’ll take the kayaks out from Makena and watch whales in between snorkel sessions.  These are prime areas for surface activity, so get ready for the thrills of a lifetime!

If you happen to be visiting outside of whale season, check out the normal Maui kayaking tours.

If you’d rather go out on a boat, check out some excellent options in Lahaina and Kihei.


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maui kayaking whale watching


3 reviews for Maui Kayak & Snorkel Whale Watch

  1. Gina Hudson

    I used to work in Whalers village and lived in Wailuku. I would commute everyday and not once did I get tired of the drive. I would look for the turtle in the mountain, and check for whale spouts. It was kind of a reward to me when I actually got to see them. Beautiful creatures in a beautiful setting. I think I told myself daily that I was not only lucky, but blessed to have been born and raised in Hawaii. Many years went by before I got more intimate with these creatures. Your kayak tour was by far the most intimate and impressive whale experience of my life! 2 whales surrounded us for what felt like hours (only 15 minutes in reality.) It was magical.

  2. V. Kim

    What?!? That video is unbelievable! We had a great whale watch, but they didn’t come quite as close to us as they did in your whale watch video. WOW! It was still a great time, and we saw them from a few hundred yards away and even saw a juvenile humpback do about a dozen breaches! So cool. I haven’t been on a boat whale watch, but I have to imagine this is better. Being on the water under your own power is something special. Next time, I’m hoping I get whale watch with them under the kayak like you had!!!

  3. Alexander

    That video is crazy!!!! No, we didn’t quite have the same close encounter, but it was still a lot of fun. We saw 6-7 whales with 4 sightings. One had a pod of whales. It was so nice getting sun, exercise, and being on the water! Loved it

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