Top 5 Maui Helicopter Tours

Maui is arguably the best island for helicopter tours because the Valley Isle simply has it all. Every corner of Maui reveals something entirely different from the rest, from the Mars-like desert at Haleakala Crater to the curtain of waterfalls deep within the West Maui Mountains. With vast swathes of impassible, isolated terrain, a helicopter tour is the only way to get a taste of what Maui is really all about.

best Maui helicopter Tours

  • Complete Island Maui – Full Island Tour
  • Hana & Haleakala – Biggest Attractions
  • Maui Spectacular – Upcountry Landing
  • Waterfalls of West Maui & Molokai – Molokai Exploration
  • Private Helicopter Charter – Fully Customizable


Complete Island Maui Helicopter Tour

Maui Helicopter Tours Sights

From east to west and back again, this 65-minute air tour traverses the best of Maui. On this flight, you’ll visit the most remote valleys tucked in the interior of the West Maui Mountains. The West Maui mountains are home to some of the wettest peaks in the world and waterfalls in this area are abundant. But it doesn’t end there. As you circumnavigate the island, you’ll be treated to views of ancient coral reefs, the winding road to Hana, strips of golden beaches along the south side, and countless rainforest valleys and waterfalls. Hana Town and the Pools of Oheo also grace the itinerary, but the definitive highlight? The otherworldly desert at Haleakala. From your bird’s eye view perspective, you’ll gaze into the massive crater, flecked with volcanic cinder cones. An aerial view only seems to amplify the monumental size of this mountain, and you’ll have a front-row seat to its glory.

Know Before You Go:

● The carrying capacity on this tour is six people. Book as a group or take a shared tour.
● Short on time? This is a great way to see Maui in its entirety- even places most locals have never seen- in the span of an hour.
● Due to the unique nature of this tour, there are weight requirements. Make sure your party meets these requirements before booking.



Hana & Haleakala Maui Helicopter Tour

Maui Helicopter Tours Haleakala

Hana and Haleakala are undoubtedly some of Maui’s biggest highlights. And while exploring them from the ground level is pretty dang cool, taking an aerial tour of the area only adds another layer of grandeur. As you fly over the winding road to Hana, you’ll be treated to views of the rugged eastern coastline, thick forests of bamboo, and deep valleys with spilling waterfalls. In east Maui, you’ll see more in a few minutes of flying than in a whole day of driving. Once above Hana Town, you’ll buzz over black sand beaches and hidden coves. But let’s not forget about Haleakala- this flight ascends thousands of feet to take in unique perspectives of Hawaii’s largest dormant volcano.

Know Before You Go:

● This excursion is more than a simple helicopter flight. Your pilot serves as a tour guide too! Along the way, they will point out points of interest and share with you interesting facts about the area.
● In total, this flight runs for about 50 minutes.
● A video of your flight is available for purchase, so you never forget your once-in-a-lifetime experience in east Maui.



Maui Spectacular

Maui Helicopter Tours Rainbow

At the risk of tooting its own horn, this excursion is called the Maui Spectacular. However, we can attest that this tour practices what it preaches. It is truly spectacular. This tour offers a thorough journey through some of Maui’s most breathtaking, remote locales. This flight traverses most of the island, from the cavernous valleys streaked with waterfalls in the West Maui Mountains to the mystical volcanic sands at Haleakala. Naturally, Hana Town and East Maui’s rugged rainforest are included on the route. But the absolute icing on the cake is a 20-minute landing in a lush private pasture in Upcountry Maui, overlooking both coasts and the neighboring islands of Kaho’olawe, Lanai, and Molokini islet.

Know Before You Go:

● Complimentary refreshments are served upon landing Upcountry.
● This tour has exclusive access to land on the luxuriant grounds at Ulupalakua Ranch.
● This excursion totals about an hour and a half, including the 20-minute pit stop at Ulupalakua Ranch.



Waterfalls of West Maui & Molokai

Maui Helicopter Tours West Maui Molokai

Even though the mountains of West Maui and Haleakala occupy the same island, they couldn’t be more different. In fact, West Maui is more similar to the neighboring island of Molokai than anywhere else on Maui. Molokai and West Maui are actually closer in age than the young Haleakala. Both have been carved by the merciless elements for hundreds of thousands of years to create plunging valleys, soaring cliffs, and some of the tallest waterfalls on planet earth. This excursion explores the depths of the West Maui Mountains before setting off across the Pailolo Channel to Molokai. You’ll explore Molokai’s untouched eastern corner, home to the tallest sea cliffs in the world and countless waterfalls. Along the way, your pilot will detail the fascinating geological history and unique cultural history of the area.

Know Before You Go:

● This 50-minute tour explores West Maui and Molokai.
● On the way back to the airport, you’ll pass over historic Lahaina Town and the ancient reefs at Olowalu.
● You won’t want to forget this- a video of your flight may be available for purchase.



Private Helicopter Charter

Maui Helicopter Tours Whale

Decidedly, the ultimate way to experience the Valley Isle is on a private helicopter charter. With a private charter, you can create your own itinerary, so you won’t miss out on any of the sights important to you. Whether you want to explore Haleakala’s rugged backside, the North Shore, or simply spot some whales off the coast, it’s entirely up to you. Alternatively, private charters can make for grand entrances or exits. Pull up to your wedding in a helicopter and leave your guests forever impressed, or be whisked away on a honeymoon you’ll never forget. Whatever you have in mind, the sky’s the limit- literally. Check out the video below from our flight with Go Fly Maui.

Know Before You Go:

● VIP transport is provided to the heliport for private charters.
● Want to elevate the excitement? Opt for a landing at an exclusive landing site.
● Not on Maui, but jonesing for a private charter? These charters are available on all other major Hawaiian Islands (Big Island, Oahu, Kauai.)


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