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27 Things to Do on Maui

By | Hawaiian Islands, Maui | 30 Comments

For one of the most isolated islands on the planet, Maui certainly isn’t at a loss for activities: from horseback riding across lava terrain to diving deep under the Pacific on a submarine, the Valley Isle positively brims with possibilities.

But with so many places to see and activities to experience, narrowing down those to-dos can be tricky. Here are 27 of the best ways to spend your Maui vacation—and why they should ascend to the top of your bucket list:

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How to Save on Maui Hotels Every Time

How to Save on Maui Hotels Every Time

By | Hawaiian Islands, Maui | No Comments

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When it comes to vacations, we all want to splurge on the best of everything. Sadly, this isn’t an obtainable reality for most of us. Going away can be expensive, from airline costs to the high cost of the hotel buffet (which no one can really refuse). Vacations can be a real nightmare on your wallet if not planned out properly.  See how to save on Maui hotels below.

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